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I'm glad you put my Batwing MK impression. I honestly thought it was my best one! :-) I really love that Green Arrow action scene. So original and beautiful!!

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Bea Arthur. AWW YEAH!!!

People need to start submitting stuff from companies other than Marvel and DC as well.

I'm sure there's lots of cool/funny stuff happening in Valiant, Dark Horse, IDW etc books every week as well.

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@daring_doodads: These aren't all from only the submissions. I do go through my stack as well. The other publishers do occasionally get stuff. I mean look at the default image from last week's episode, it was Invincible. Turok lead this one. Valiant's been here often. The Fox is from Archie. Etc.

@iceslick: I actually got that one from Jawshco.

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@g_man: Oh really?! Wow, I guess he posted his before mine. Well thanks for referencing me too then. Also, thanks for reminding me about the Turok comic, I told my boyfriend about it. He said he might actually get it because he loves Turok.

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@iceslick: I'll share credit with you. I'm really enjoying Batwing lately. It has really started to come alive for me.

Best comic of the week for me was Superior Foes by a landslide of hopping heads!

Thanks Tony for another great episode. :-)

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I really want to read Superior Foes now.

Also hilarious Jimmy Olsen voice as always Tony :D

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Great stuff Tony! My favorite has to be Captain Cold "not" being afraid of Batman. And the Turok scene did happen in crime alley. I seen the sign that said "future site of crime alley". Ha!

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Is that batman ? Is that blue krpytonite ?

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@jawshco: Yeah ever since Jimmy got on board, Batwing has become one of my favorite titles. Thanks for sharing the credit! :-) I love Superior Foes too, it's one of my top favorites. So, it seems like we have a common taste for comics. lol

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totally missed the breaking bad reference. jesse and mr white standing with obama

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That avengers homage was pretty cool.