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Just so we're all clear, INVINCIBLE #108 was NOT censored. You'll have to buy the issue to find out why he says this.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

ehh, so Gman can post scans with curses? But a new rule came up that you have to blank the scans out?

sorry this is a legit question, not trolling.

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

@lifeboy: haahaha, you got me. Thats good.

As for the video, LOL at the Back to the Future reference

Posted by TheUnN4med

A chicken! hahaha
I liked the NOOOOOO! reference again

Posted by iceslick

@allstarsuperman: I think the only reason why he censored it was for Youtube purposes. They usually delete videos with any content with curses even if it's in text.

@g_man: I really love the Back to Future reference about Marty dating his MOM!!! and of course Rainbow Raider, 2nd worst villain name I ever heard. lmao Overall, this was one of funniest best stuff video.

Posted by scouts1998

You dropped the comic?

and what is a testicle?

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Thanks, G-MAN!

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Hilarious episode! Do the chicken dance G-Man! Hahaha!

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whats a testicle? ask your mum


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New expression.Will use it.

Posted by iceslick

@punyparker: Good one, that is funny to use from now on. lol

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@iceslick said:

@punyparker: Good one, that is funny to use from now on. lol

"Holy censored,you serious?!"


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Lmao, i'm guessing you hate World's Finest?

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Posted by invincibleforever

Man this issue was awesome! did not see that coming.

Posted by ChildoftheAtom

Haha he's a chicken