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This is a funny weekly post

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lol, "Silver Boobs McGee". Loved the shirt Tony, and I loved that Manapul art. Sad to see FF go.

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@g_man: That's is a nice shirt Tony. What kind of shirt is that? Is it a familiar cartoon or something? Damn, I can't believe I didn't think of any of those especially Star Wars ones. Wow, it looks like you almost shed a tear again on FF. I'm gonna miss it too, it was a great series. I think that last time I shed a tear was on Demon Knights. :-(

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Wonder Woman #27 best "truffle" was well explained.

and GO star wars!!!

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I laughed so hard when that guy got up and said "you could start by giving me a bath" and it turned out to be Poison Ivy! Awesome stuff!

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look more like killzone

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That's a lotta Star Wars in one week. Luckily, there can never be enough.

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