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That shotgun blast actually made me jump. That's what I get for listening with headphones on.

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@g_man Thanks for including that "wonderful" Ghost Rider picture I stitched together XD. Only after looking at it again do I realize those two panels are enough to describe the essence of both movies...

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God damn that's a long list of people who participated in this best stuff in comics! I really love the Ghost Rider one though! XD

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lol @ too many Avengers

who poison's ice cream?!?!


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I love that superboy27 cover! Raven and superboy should start going out, they look good together!

Great video gman! 2 more of these before JL WAR :D

Hey, I can't believe that no one reveiwed that marvel uk comic. Just to see if its legit or not, like you brought up on the podcast.

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i can't believe you made a Bel Biv Devoe reference, im actually impressed your range of music G-Man.

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Another great video G-man! Thank you as always. :-) And no, there is no such thing as a "best" mullet. Ha!

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artwork artwork artwork

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@lifeboy: Judging from what I read in that issue Superboy and Raven hate each other.

The Marvel UK books are pretty good so far. Very interesting characters I never heard of and it sucks no one is even checking them out.

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"'There is also the matter of...' Nope. Doesn't matter." Haha.

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@g_man Best not-quite Alice Cooper reference this week?

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Dude, I LOVED Ghost Rider 2! I thought it was so bad that it was just sooo good. When he takes over that giant drill thingy and makes it a giant demon drill thingy, so cool.

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@g_man: Big fan of your T-shirts, where did one acquire Doom riding a unicorn?

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@jawshco: cough...ricky morton from Rock n Roll Express fame says HELLO

check out the evolution

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These are great

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Eskrima existed before Nightwing, and has always used, two sticks.