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You said Flash 52, instead of 25, lol

Also I need to check up on Superior Spider-man

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@allstarsuperman:@g_man: I think Tony did that on purpose, it's a reference to the 52nd episode of The Invincibly Super Massive Comic Book Podcast of Stuff. ;-) (Am I right Tony? It was a nice one! By the way, I cheated on the podcast name, it's still hard to remember and I just wanted to type it all out)

Red Lanterns was hilarious with everyone drunk and I loved FF too. I also liked the shocking death pun, who ever did that, was very good at not spoiling the issue. lol

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I don't understant why the writer mis-used the word "selfie". The definition is pretty much explained in the word. Now I'm annoyed.

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Love this video! Its got to be the. Craziest thing to wake up to on a monday. Your crazy gman! :)=

That Injustice trade just came out and i read it. How messed up was that Aquaman vs WonderWoman fight? *SPOILER* I freaked out when he grabbed her and dragged her under w ater. She looked terrified in the illustration. You could see she was already breathing in the water.

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i wonder if that "Nice Coat" line a reference to Batman Begins?

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Lol for the woman scorn one you could have used scarlet spider issue 24 with annabelle shathra and zoe =p=p=p

I did enjoy the line Scarlet spider no more! lol

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Team Iris :)

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Go Team Iris!