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Posted by AllStarSuperman

pretty good, none really made me laugh that hard though. Superior 6 sounds awesome.

Posted by lifeboy

Gman, going back to your first 'Best of...' apparently, in WW #24, her swords appear out of the bracelets.

Also, I got that JL issue also, but I got the cheap cover version with the league symobls thrown on the ground. :( I want that homage to JL #1 cover now that I saw you with it. :(

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: I'm surprised you went pretty "ballsy" (no pun intended, XD) with Sex Criminals.

Thunderbolts was a pretty funny issue and I loved the Red Lanterns one too. lol

I think I might want to put a couple for Batman Li'l Gotham this week. There was a lot of funny ones.

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Hilarious Tony! Loved the screamy Cap voice. XD

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

That Thunderbolts art is...well awful. Look at their chins.

I love the Superior Six. So great!

Bwahahaha. Your Shirts!

Posted by Ando123
Posted by kagato

Too funny, twice i nearly spat out my coke (The children are our future lol), love the t shirt by the way! That a custom design?

Posted by HeckTate

Seriously G-Man, where do you buy your shirts? Every time I see you do a video I want what you're wearing.

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Posted by ptigrusmagus

This segment has become part of my weekend routine, love these vids. I wish they paired Soule with a more detailed artist on Thunderbolts but I'm just happy its readable again.

Posted by HushoftheWind

these vids are how i decide what books to buy, yeah im a week behind but its worth it.

Posted by Dark Chord

Yeah, wear ear plugs, kids. I've seen too many of my brothers and sisters get surprised by explosions and they lose hearing. Hearing doesn't necessarily heal like most things. When the big 155 mm rounds go off nearby, hope you have your earplugs in. (Shoot, I hope you have them in when a .50 caliber is going off nearby.)