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that last one was awesome. purple and green go well together.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Nnnnnoooo!!!!......can't ...

Posted by Wilbertus

Wow, dr. Bane sure has helped many people over the years.

Posted by victorcheenoanleu

oh JEEZUS I still can't stop laughing at Deadpool's "where were you when you lost it?" xD

Posted by Mezmero

Laura Allred's colors are fantastic. I like that Doc Ock was in that picture and the mole kid didn't even mention him. That's a really funny touch in the script. The longer this feature is the better. Great stuff as always.

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Great episode

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Yeah the "El Family Portrait" thing from the Batman-Superman Villain's Month issue was pretty nice!

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HAhahahahahahha. Keep it up guys. Funny stuff. I didn't know this podcast existed. I like it.