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Loved the Thing rings. And that Jae Lee art was lovely.

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Thing Rings? Sweet Barney and Fred meet the Thing Reference.

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Hehe. the pepperoni thing from Drake is pretty funny I think.

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@g_man said:

LOL stop with the pepperoni thing....and never make that face again.....

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Anyone else think the kid flipping the bird looks a little like Kid Omega?

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Happy 50th anniversary!

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Thing Rings? Sweet Barney and Fred meet the Thing Reference.

took me back with that comment... what ever happened to the shmoo?

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I loved Bobby channeling Jack Frost: Killer Snowman and The Thing in the same book. Awesome

The kid flipping off Clark is priceless too lol. Jae Lee, wow.

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I was just flipped of by g-man... not sure how I feel

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I would have suggested FF for the best Daft Punk reference/insult if I'd got my copy sooner.

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I know this one is a little too late and not the "Best Stuff", but....

Blonde of the Week - Sharon Carter in Captain America #8

Sharon Carter shooting Ian Rogers into Zola's plasmic lava.

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