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Posted by NovaRider76

Green Arrow this week was indeed trippy. It hurt my eyes a little.

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Haha spellcheck errors on the cards in Kick Ass 3 makes me laugh. And Peter and Kitty, yeaahhhhhhh right. Good picks this week!

Posted by iceslick

@g_man Nice video! I don't know if i'm alone on this, but I finally caught up with Batwing and sadly I don't think DC is really getting it. What was wrong with Batwing (David Zimbawe) was not the hero himself, (I actually thought he was a pretty interesting and cool character) It was his VILLAINS. His villains were so NOT interesting at all, the only one I think of was his brother. And sorry Lion Mane and Father Lost were terrible! Anyways, DC needs to realize it's not just the hero that makes the book, it's his villains too.

Posted by HushoftheWind

DAMN!!! Hope is a grown woman now, well at least she is drawn like one.

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@hushofthewind: They grow up so quickly. Or when artists interpret her differently.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

What? No Herobear and the Kid? For what, I don't know.

Posted by Vortex13

Is it wrong that the best hand puppet scene this week makes me want to by all current Bedlam issues out just because of those panels alone?

Posted by victorcheenoanleu

@g_man BOOM! I finally got a shout out lol popped my shout out cherry now what else is there lmao I should've told you my name was "Cheeno" lol "cheen/o/nfire" lol thanks though for reals! :)

Posted by notorious_g3

@vortex13: Not at all. Bedlam is a great series! Issue #7 was the first Ryan Browne, but the first six feature the amazing Riley Rossmo. Nick Spencer is writing a great story, you can't go wrong!

Sorry, I just want everyone to read this book...

Posted by Vortex13

@notorious_g3: I've heard good things about it but I lately I mostly wait for trades to come out and buy those. It may seem weird but I have like twenty to 30 file containers filled with comics I have them all labeled, alphabetized by series names and then in sequential order but it's a bit of pain to thumb through the literally hundreds (probably reaching over a few thousand) of comics so I decided a few years back to just collect trades.

All of them are this size and type and way more packed up. One of them alone weighs around 40lbs. Not an exaggeration.

Posted by Queso6p4

That was a fun segment.

Posted by drgnx

Hal Jordan knows how to use his constructs ... ;). Actually now that I think of it, most of the other lanterns make constructs related to their theme. Should not the sapphires make love based constructs? Giant hearts, kisses, *** toys.... Just sayin? The hand should have been Carole's!