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I think the first time Otto used the battle cry in avenging spider-man when he fought the giant spider.

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@trodorne: Yeah, it did seem familiar. Maybe someone else is going to notice and put two and two together.

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Isn't Wonder Woman dating with Superman?

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Wait! Superman did grow a real epic beard! But he used his super speed to shave it sense he didn't need it anymore!

Personally, I think he looked better with the beard. :/

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I wish I had a beard like Superman's.

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Wow awesome Daredevil ninja outfit! 0___0

Hey @g_man, I think Superman shaved his beard so quick you couldn't even see it. lol

This is what he probably did, lol

I honestly don't know Nightwing dodge the bullets with his legs opened. Same goes for the arrows and ninjas. *Rolls Eyes* lol

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Here's another picture of Superman shaving his beard in Superman TAS.

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Isn't Wonder Woman dating with Superman?

Only in books not titled Wonder Woman :)

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Is the guy kissing wonderwoman Orion

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Best reason not to disrespect any woman.

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I'd rather have Orion and Wonder Woman than Superman and Wonder Woman.

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Orion just never learns lol.

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Is it just me, or in that second panel, does Orion totally look like Archie? Seriously...

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I'd rather have Batman and Wonder Woman because she can take care of herself. All of the other women in Batmans life he has to rescue.

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Like, totally dig that t-shirt man!

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Gods I love Wonder Woman lol. First a distraction to keep him off guard and make him definitely not expect what's coming next then a clear statement of don't disrespect me or else lol.

@jamesisaacs:...... well you're a little over eager then, also ew.

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Holy love triangles. What are the chances the heroes are going to handle this like gentlemen?

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Orion you lucky BARSTARD!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Wonder Woman kisses me next!

P.S. I bet Darkseid will be even more jealous now LMAO!!!!!!!!!! XD

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It's just a kiss... wasn't romantic or intimate in the slightest, it was just a way for her to get the upper hand after he was rude to her. Distract and attack.

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Is it just me, or in that second panel, does Orion totally look like Archie? Seriously...

LMAO! I was thinking the exact thing!

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It makes you wonder what Lynda Carter would think about Wonder Woman as she is today?

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@g_man: I say "the die is cast" all the time, when I'm playing Dungeons and Dragons.

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lol Wonder Women is awesome.

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What did she do exactly? Did she spit in his mouth while they were smooching?

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@thehulk: What did she do exactly? Did she spit in his mouth while they were smooching?

Nah, bruh. She grabbed the twins , know what i'm sayin'?

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That Red Hood issue looks HORRIBLE! did the artist draw it with his feet?

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Another fun video.

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Arguably I think for best beard, Razalgul is a top 5 contender!

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can someone explain to me what wonder woman did that made Orion "AH"! She asked can you live withou these and he said I dont want to. I dont understand help without spoiling the issue

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@nightflash: See what HeraldofGanthet said above. She grabbed 'the boys' rather firmly.

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Ouch she just had to grab the nuts with super strength:(

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I think that was pretty hot with wonder woman, nice :)

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Holy shit; Wonder Woman's just been making out with everybody. I suppose DC's plans for making their female characters more "realistic" is just to turn them all into super whores; i.e. Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Starfire. And I guess the public is okay with that. The feminist don't bitch as long as they're not drawn to look attractive...ridiculous.

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Boy, they really need to go back to Rocafort for the Outlaws

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Is it just me, or in that second panel, does Orion totally look like Archie? Seriously...

I did a double take thinking exactly that when I first looked at the pic.

Also, I agree with Orion being a better match for her than Superman.

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Love it