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I see Cable's got youngbloods disease again.

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Haha, Sinestro with the ball and chain was AWESOME. And the bath scene is so very...GIGGITY!

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I want that shirt, G-Man!

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Great stuff gman! I want to pplay along at home but I don't live near a comic store so all my comics come by mail which usually tkes 2 weeks after they are released. I just got catwoman 18 and JLA #2. Catwoman was had best of moments in both. In JLA , vibe first meeting with her and all he can do is look at her chest and she says 'eyes are up here sweetee' and vibe is like 'uh... I know.' Then the entire issue of catwoman 18 was good. Batman was being v ery ugly to her but what catwoman didn't know was that his son died. She thought it was because of the joker that he was behaving the way he was. It was brilliant writing on that issue.

And going back to JLA, hope we see catwoman and steve trevor get together!

But yeah, good job with updating the video player. Finally I can see your videos on my mobile. Still can't load pictures but I'm patient.

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While I did not post on Twitter (since I lack an account), I did post in your review about that Awesome Swamp Thing scene.

Good stuff G-Man!

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How the hell do you manage to maintain your dignity / tough act / straight face after being swallowed and spit out like that? Cyclops and his team are really something else.

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Love this stuff. Cable talking about Senior Sinister had me laughing so hard. I was really bothered by that scene from Superior Spidey because it's an indication that Tony's theory about Peter not being dead might be true, which I don't like. Ghost Peter has been mt least favorite part about Superior Spider-Man and it almost makes me think that Avenging Superior is a better book. Keep up the great shirts! I mean work.

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That mind the gap spoiler was hilarious!

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@swampping: I almost cut it from the video. But this video ended up a little shorter than past ones. Glad I kept it and you enjoyed it.