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Chalkboards...darn now I feel old...

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I demand that Modern Jean Gray returns !!NOW!!

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Amazing Splash Page!

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I love All New X-Men. Its one book I can't wait for each time it comes out. That issue was awesome! It sort of seemed like it addressed the idea about what will happen to them in the end. They will go back and Xavier will erase their minds. I am very interested in seeing where they go with this. I hope Beast grows his hair out on his head.

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I get the cat thing since Batman #666 older Damian had the same cat, but the cow thing is too silly.

I can't wait for All New X-Men comes out in tpb, and a few other Marvel NOW titles.

It's funny you use the Batman voice from the Chistopher Nolan's Batman movies. My brother and I do that voice to mess with my sister.

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@G-man I don't have a friend with lego money, but I did once donate blood to pay for a birthday present for a friend of mine. It was deluxe model of the Millennium Falcon. So I guess I'm sort of the Ganke of the friendship. Ha!

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Why the hell is the video not working?

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I liked the Death in the Family stuff, but its starting to feel like a little much.


I remember my mom bought me a chalkboard when I was a kid.

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Good selections this week!

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@G-Man said:

@NXH: Still? What browser? It's working for me in Chrome and Safari. There's also the youtube version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EzuRSB8Yd0

Firefox. Doesn't seem to be working on Chrome either. :/ but I did manage to it earlier on Youtube.


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I liked the Death in the Family stuff, but its starting to feel like a little much.

I can't believe they're still using those covers!

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love the Jean Grey memory pages, good stuff, so glad Jean is back, kinda

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They really need to get that AR app ready for Android. Thanks, G-Man, I'll have to grab Invincible. I love panel layouts so that Flash issue might have to be bought.

@RedheadedAtrocitus: Don't feel old. I still have a fondness for them.

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PHOENIX>.................One of my fav characters of all time