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Posted by darkvare

woo let's go

Posted by TitanTempest

I love that night of owl mask. It should be in every comic vine vid lol

Posted by Raw_Material

nice vid, G-Man. Deadpool was definitely on top of my pull-list of comics before picking it up at the comic shop, for sure. An all-time classic, especially when you have Brain Posehn working with the title and helping Deadpool mold his story. Love the epilogues of both the Deadpool issues, when he "Breaks the Fourth Wall" once again.

keep up the great work,


Posted by JairamGanpat

LOL Batman is such a creeper

Posted by confirukia

stalker alert

Posted by lifeboy

Gman, that spiderman# whatever cover also looks like a starwars reference. Where luke takes off darthvaders helmet.

Gman, my GL subscription just arrived saturday. How about the most impresssing a chick look. Baz says he cant fight the justice league and that superman alone can kick his butt. Supes looks over at WW with a smugg look as if to say did you hear that babe. LoI. What a corndog

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

Batman is being a creep? so nothing new going on in JL these days?

P.S: Nice court of owls mask.

Posted by Doubles

Minor thing... Benjamin Franklin was never President.

Posted by randalmeister

That sequence in Hawkeye #4 is one of the funniest this week, for sure.

Posted by ccraft

Batman doest eat popcorn gosh!

Posted by batarang614

@Doubles: its adressed

Posted by Queso6p4

Nice Best Of this week. Loved the voices as usual.

Posted by Jawshco

Awesome sound effects Tony. Dude I never ever thought about the creeper aspect of Batman- that's kinda icky! Next time we need to get you an animated word bubble for your logo. Ha!

Posted by benzino_x

so true with the amazing... wow!

Posted by Nicodemus

Master Bruce, voyeurism AGAIN??

Batman's a bit creepy here, at least he's wearing pants.....I hope.

Dude just needs to get laid and quit feeling sorry for himself. Get out of your cave, dude!

Posted by CitizenJP

That panel of Batman spying on Superman and Wonder Woman made LOL. So terrifying.

Posted by Cavemold

why is he watching.. Thats the interesting cliff hanger.

Posted by Danial79

My suggestion didn't make it in, but at least I still got a thanks :)

Posted by modunhanul

Batman is watching you.

Posted by TwistedBishop

Batman has to watch people kiss. For Gotham.

Posted by Bestostero

Batman is watching...

Posted by Mandrewgora

love that mind explosion.

Posted by Kal'smahboi
@Doubles said:

Minor thing... Benjamin Franklin was never President.

Read the issue :)
Posted by GothamRed

Here's something to think about did the real madame masque take the credit card from Clint's...area, or had Kate replaced her by that point?

Posted by ReadItNow

Lol. G man logo. I'll be looking for that in future videos

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Would've been better if they had Deadpool huffing and puffing a few moments before saying the famed Solo line. The Batman voyeur stuff doesn't surprise me though, that's kinda his shtick when he's not bashing heads in. And Starfire using a Picardism? Wonderful! Darn, I wanna know what happened on Spidey now. And I'm fairly certain the whole 'credit card slot' was a reference to the scene of Family Guy where Quagmire tries to run his credit through a strippers....yeahhhhhhhhh you know.

Posted by CODYSF

Batman is watching you lol

Posted by ALdragon17

I love that Batman was watching both Supes and WW. Let me see I going to get you supes look or like some super villain pose. Probably laughing his butt off and saying I got plans for you.

Posted by Kesho_Ronin

Amazing Spider-Man issue 698....just wow....no comment....i can't wait to see what will happen next

Posted by slopoke36

@TwistedBishop:hahahahahahahahaha. I guess he is a creeper.

Posted by laflux

The thumbnail of this video reminds me of citizenbane

Posted by ProfessorMatrix

Batman forever alone! :(

Posted by CloudCakes

Batman is watching you. Be civilized!

Posted by MrArrogant

Should have had the best typo in a book, can't remember the exact quote, but in Justice League #14 Black Adam says Dr. Sivana can't use magic "sfely". I was stunned no one caught it. It's like the fourth spelling error I've seen in a DC book in the last few months.

Posted by slopoke89

It's looking like Batman is a little disappointed he didn't make the first move.