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Posted by Maniac2312

"Alien Junk" lol

Posted by judasnixon

I wonder what that alien's monster balls smells like?

Posted by Zeeguy91

Best Invitation to Dinner: Green Lantern Corps #14

Posted by Juandicimo_Magnifico45

Thanks for putting in my Batgirl request! You rock, great video!.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

More bad@$$ery from Carl in Walking Dead...nice. No more than youthful freedom fighters in third world African nations for the last 20-30 years I suppose. And the part with Grimm needing to erase something on the 'Net was pretty funny. And I'll just as soon forget I ever saw Alien Junk...seriously, lol.

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Great stufff this week. Great art on the batman. Very touching moment on the batman robin. The batgirl too was a moving scene. I want to nominate the ' proudest male ego boosting moment ' from the demon knights trade. Etrigan tells madam xanadu that he wants to mate with her and she replies that she doubts she would survive the mating but that she would be ok eith being his gf. : D
Posted by director421

Thanks for another "best stuff!" Always fun on a Monday.

Posted by Jawshco

Ha! Your voices on these videos are hilarious Tony. Great job. Yeah, it looks like some of us do think alike, but that just validates how awesome that "best stuff" is.

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Another great video minus the inclusion of alien junk. I still wretched a little even though I knew it was coming. I still don't understand those freaking chattering teeth. When did Joker get a hold of such advanced technology that can home in on Batman from underneath the water? Whatever tech it is would have to be water proof and infrared or something. And yet the teeth could even hold on to wet twine or wire while in the process of chattering and flying several feet into the air. That was just silly. I simply could not suspend my disbelief that far considering this is suppose to be making the Joker a threat again. I'm starting to think Batman got hit with fear gas. Keep up these videos!

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

(I'll admit after all the Saga buzz I was curious to see just how bad that part of the issue was). Nevertheless, I haven't been this disturbed over a penis than when I saw the unedited images of the Newborn from Alien: Resurrection.

Posted by RoTheKid

Darn you, Tony! I did NOT need to see that!! LOL!! But I couldn't look away when you gave the warning! Maybe I should heed it next time! :D Great vid as usual! Keep up the good work! :D

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I hope they reveal that Cecil was involved in the Invincible thing.

(otherwise I kept thinking if only he had called Cecil while his parents were going crazy, then he probably would have stepped in and had them relocated to another state under a new identities never again able to see their son and probably having people think they were a crazy old couple.) But I could still see Cecil stepping in and saving the situation just the way they showed it.

That Alien Junk thing was not expected. I thought you were going to show someone barfing. EWW! I can't unsee that.

Posted by G-Man

@Mezmero: He's had over a year to get it. That's what makes this all crazy, Joker is completely focused on bringing a new game to Batman. This is a dude that has made different mixtures of his Joker Venom. He's always had tons of different gadgets as part of his arsenal. Batman may just be a little too cocky and probably a little distracted over what's happening (to Alfred and others) to do as careful of a full sweep over the area as he normally would. He just wants to bring Joker down as fast as possible and usually does so pretty quickly.

Posted by Booster_Bronze

I love how in a Bat-universe of heat-seeking batarangs, smart-tech goggles, and other Bat-gadgets, the teeth is the unbelieveable thing.

Poor, poor alien. Even alien junk can get alien herpes. Or warts. Or whatever. Wrap it next time, ET!

Posted by Decept-O

Gnashing of teeth, chattering of teeth, Joker's got some serious dental issues.

Why...the alien junk...please..please...someone find a "Best Stuff" next week showing a female's naughty bits instead. Oy.

Posted by z1co80

Those alien balls will be extra vinegary

Posted by Gothmoogle

@judasnixon: The answer is: Olfactory White.

That's just common science.

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Avengers #33 has Wolverive with a lolipop lol in the part where Rulk and Vision are guarding central park and then the rest of the Avengers show up. (Bottom left of the right page there)

The White is the flash from my phone lol.

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That hug was a great moment and made that comic actually worth reading. I'd actually left my copy of Saga #7 at the comic shop so I missed out on the alien junk until now. Good thing I know that it'll show up. I don't use Twitter but there was a grat self-referring moment in Journey Into Mystery #646.