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Posted by judasnixon

Phil Noto draws the most adorable sharks! That shark has doe eyes! So cute!

Posted by lifeboy
Gman, best dumb woman in comics: exoristos from the demon knights. Tall and super strong but hadnt had much to say in 13 comics. Dont get me wrong, love her and demon knights.
Posted by lifeboy
Gman, biggest laugh in a comic cartoon: when morgana's enchantment over the justice league ends and WW is left carrying a big ass etrigan and he says 'mommy'. Lol. On a side note, whats up with etrigan not wanting to rhyme in the current series? Ugh, i hate the demon, but at the same time i love him.
Posted by GBrutality

i don't want to take away from the awesome moment, because it totally was, but doesn't nightcrawler need to see where he's going in order to teleport?

Posted by Deadcool

This stuff was cool.

Posted by modunhanul

Lincoln killed Deadpool? Wow.

Posted by lifeboy

Madam xanadu is so sweet; she wears sexy sandals, the atrist draws very nice feet.

Im going to rhyme like etrigan everytime i post on this column.
Posted by NXH

Lol if only all Frenchmen choked.

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green lantern issue14 best suprised face

Posted by Decept-O

: I love your Batroc impression. Now I want a croissant.

Posted by Unkillable_Deadpool1

@modunhanul: Deadpool can't die ........ Noooooob!!!!!!

Posted by Reignmaker

That Lincoln-Deadpool moment brought me back to Marvel comics all by itself.

Posted by Or35ti

I love this series but am I the only one who finds the music they play at the end annoying?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow the HALO ad sure entertained me! And these were all great things but Lincoln shooting Wade tops the cake off for me! :)

Posted by CitizenJP

Night Crawler needs to teleport sharks into peoples' stomachs more often. ;p

Posted by cbishop

But now Nightcrawler has been inside of the Blob. That's just...wrong, on so many, many, many levels. I now need him to die again, alternate universe version or not.

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Yay more best stuff! I must admit I laughed when I read that Lincoln moment in Deadpool. The way Superman's eyebrow is drawn reminds me of the way Steve Dillon does eyebrows. I love it because it makes everyone he draws look incredulous. It's like they're thinking "who the hell does this guy think he is?" The best makeshift transport should go to Swamp Thing for making a boat out of freaking plants. Great job on the video as always.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

whilst i loved the nightcrawler blob fight. I did think how did Kurt port into his stomach? he cant see it. He can only see the skin that covers the ribs and muscles which cover the stomach.

Posted by G-Man

@EdwardWindsor: This is AOA Nightcrawler. Maybe he's been there before.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

@G-Man: weird though right? since i do tremember AOA Kurt having the abilty to port places he couldnt see. Yeah he was more skilled in terms of brutal offence such as the limb porting you mentioned in video but i dont remember him bein gable to just port anywhere. I cnat even remember if he has shown that abilty else in teh uncanny run i will go back and look at some bakc issues since it seems kinda weird to me. Cool but weird( even weirder if he had been in stomach before)

Posted by guttridgeb

Would it be possible to have something to pop up saying when to skip to in order to avoid the bigger spoilers? I didn't mind this one personally but it would be useful for when there a big spoilers :)

Posted by Mucklefluga

@Or35ti: Yes

Posted by Mucklefluga

@shengo77: Everytime i look at that panel i laugh

Posted by Or35ti

@Mucklefluga: apologies then

Posted by Mucklefluga

@Or35ti: haha

Posted by Mandrewgora

That shark thing is pretty nuts, I must be reading the wrong comics.

Posted by G-Man

@guttridgeb: I get what you're saying. I shoot these on Thursdays but don't run them until the following Monday. Guess I'm hoping any spoilers won't be a problem by then. Also I try to avoid the major major spoilers. But also, it is me doing the editing on top of everything else. Adding a timestamp when a spoiler was coming in could also become a distraction and take away from the video. We'll have to figure something out. I haven't really had complaints about spoilers.

Posted by The Finality

And this is why the AoA Nightcrawler is no replacement for Kurt Wagner. :(

Posted by KDarkholme

What AoA Kurt did was epic, I would never have thought of doing that.

Posted by windew

Love it. Keep up the good work.