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This actually got me to buy Flash on comixology

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@TheElusiveNewReader: Nice!

Posted by modunhanul

Wow, that's... a lot of spoilers.

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@modunhanul: Good thing these comics came out last week. ;)

Posted by hyenascar

Thank god Punisher beat up spider-man.

Posted by Jawshco

This video makes me want to read Punisher Warzone. Spidey vs Frank looks awesome. It didn't make my pull list last week. For the last 3 weeks, there have been too many good comics! My wallet can't take it; gotta be selective- but that one does look cool.

Posted by lifeboy
That grodd usually bits peoples heads off to eat the brains. I wont go near that guyu, hes not nearly as reasonable or social as he was portrayed on Justice League cartoon. Thanks for posti g this on youtube. Great video.
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What the hell? I totally sent in a podcast question once about whether or not anyone has gone after Spider-Man's "secret web formula" in order to weaponize it. Get out of my head Rucka! Awesome video Tony. Keep at it.

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That has to be the most awesome galactus.

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Man I want to read The Flash, bad idea for me to wait for the trades...

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@hyenascar:Dude spiderman beated him up.

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That scene with the Trickster was a little jarring. Haven't picked up the Flash in a while.

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only get ad on my mac weird

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Great issue PWZ, i hope they continue with this quality through the next 4 issues!

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Glad to see my suggestion made it in :)

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You alright Tony? You're looking like you're exhausted or sick or something :( And Grodd pulling that hand off is pretty awesome!

Posted by G-Man

@RedheadedAtrocitus: The light was bright which washed me out. And I was dealing with a pinched nerve in my back. The lighting really made me look bad in the raw footage. Thankfully it dulled a tiny bit during the exporting process of the video.

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Thanks for using my suggestion! I told all my friends that I'm Internet Famous now.

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The best thing about this vid was G-Man's hair. The Trickster voice was also awesome.

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What about best new first appearance, Lord Gouzar!!!