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Anyone else curious why commercial ads are now running in the video before the actual videos begin? I first noticed that on the news video from Friday. I don't really mind since they're so short. They just seemed to come out of nowhere.

Not that I care much for Hawkeye, but why is he a pig just for fantasizing about something? It's not right to police people by their thoughts. It should be by his actions. If he suggested that out loud. That would be a line. It was Antman who was sneaking in shower rooms.

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Awesome T-shirt

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Batman needs drinks for a Justice League party. He bought the cups but forgot the alcohol. He goes into a store, tries to buy it but the clerk need I.D. He has no time to switch to Bruce Wayne and make it to the party. In the video, we saw him carry money in his utility belt.... So wat do yall think? Does he....

A. Have a Batman license, next to his money

B. Buys Soda, and set a good example for the kids

C. Say "I'm Batman," in his voice, then the clerk fearfully acknowledges him as 21

D. He skips the party, and then discovers he has drinks in his "infinite" utility belt

E. (Place your answer here lol)

P.S. Alfred is not an option here :P

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Action Comics 13: Bawww 
Avengers academy: meh, so much Wolverine, again 
Detective Comics: it's odd that this doesn't start Death of the family  
Green Lantern: about the use of the mask: I think is to avoid some kind of facial recognition device, cos we and the autorities after him already know that Baz = New Green Lantern 
AVX: still, Cyclops was right  
AvsX: a total waste  
Dial H: well this title generally introduces a nice amount of characters per week, good to see it here 

Animal Man: Rot/Heroes battles + final page  
Swamp Thing: Rot/Heroes battles 
Dial H: Manteau/Roxxie Hodder origin + Abyss vs everyone 
Earth 2: "This is Dodds reporting  ...we have lightfoot"+Alan into the grey double page 
G. I. Combat: "Up yours, blondie" + Crazy grandpa
Green Lantern: Hal & Sinestro's last message 

the voices annoy me a bit...

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well, according to Batman Inc 0 Batman doesn't drink
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those look like turds

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The comic you're talking about is consistently off camera. I would rather see you and the comic you're talking about rather than a ridiculously huge ComicVine logo, you and half the comic you're talking about.

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Really batman only carries a dollar in his belt.

Posted by strangeling

Don't look for the bad stuff? But what about the BEST bad stuff?

Posted by k4tzm4n

For a second I thought the best baton use might have gone to Daredevil using the billy club to give Kingpin free lipo.

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The best use of a ulility belt object this week: The nod to the Bat Shark repellant in Legends of the Dark Knight. I seriously thought that was where G-man was going with the reference.

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That Hawkeye scene from VS was pretty funny. I didn't read that this week, so thank you G-Man. Layman's first issue of 'Tec was strong. I'm liking where this is heading. After GL #13 I understand Simon's need for the mask, but he still looks so much better without it.

Posted by ccraft

Awesome stuff! I might get Dial H.

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@strangeling said:

Don't look for the bad stuff? But what about the BEST bad stuff?


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@Psycho_Soldier: Yeah, but the other heroes might, he is getting it for them

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@TitanTempest: guess he sends Cyborg, he has to be more than just teleporting the others around & intercepting secret communications
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@Psycho_Soldier: Ill take that answer, very thoughtout

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best cock ring reference in a comic

Posted by modunhanul

Batman: Legend of Dark Knight? Is this one of the New 52 titles?

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Loved Avengers Academy

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@modunhanul said:

Batman: Legend of Dark Knight? Is this one of the New 52 titles?

It's the printed version of the 'digital first' series featuring out of continuity stories by many great creators. It's not a New 52 book.

Posted by mshirley27

@Jonny_Anonymous: My thoughts exactly. Stay classy DC.

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CockaHoop is awesome :D and so is Dial H

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I don't care how well its explained (and for the record im not against him having a mask) but it still looks like kickass's mask

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Little irked by the ads before the videos now but I suppose they are a necessary evil :/ And dogs are alright, but cats rule I say. And #*ck-A-Hoop is making me LMAO currently.

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Nice little preview commercial. Oh hawk eye

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Fun stuff!

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Haha great stuff, BAD VOICES, but great video!

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Best football game ever!

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@Psycho_Soldier: your summary did nothing for me. it read like you were trying really hard to be cool without wanting to look like you cared. total hipster over here guys.