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First reply!

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@G-man How could you say theres no good in the world!

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The Wesley Crushers is a bowling team, Sheldon Cooper made in an episode of Big Bang Theory. He made the team because he hates Wheaton and wants to humiliate him.

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Thank you

Awesome video feature as always.

Oddly enough, I wasn't even thinking about Joker with the Sherlock reference. I was thinking about the way Dick Grayson mentally noted the gestures of Bruce and Batman to figure out that they were the same person. That was very RDJ/ Guy Ritchie Sherlock-esque. Of course, it made Dick seem a little like Tim, but they've done okay so far in keeping their personalities different that I'm sure this won't impede on Tim's special skill to figure out their identities (or at least I hope it won't).

I'm reading a lot of reader-rage about the change to Jason's origin, but I gotta say... I'm liking it. It's not the perfect canon-type of move with the story, but I'm going to go with the flow on this one. It could be a pretty awesome story-line depending on how they cultivate that story between Jason and the Joker.

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so having a pipe constitutes as a sherlock holmes impersination?? does having hair constitutes as a cousin it impersination these days?

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I still call BS on wearing masks during sex. That would just be way too uncomfortable and get really hot. Not that I'm speaking from direct experience, mind you.. I've run in marathons, and wearing a skull cap can get uncomfortable. I don't even want to imagine something covering my whole face.

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Thanks for watching.... Jerks

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it didnt happen but how about great 'new' comic idea: ace ventura pet detective or the warriors.

btw good incedental music. its not a punch in the face like some of the other start up music. thanks, gman, keep it up.

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the wesley crushers was the name of a bowling team on the big bang theory since wil wheaton was the mortal enemy of the show's main Sheldon

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Thanks for watching.... Jerks

Hay i'm not a jerk.

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That was funny! I love the Crusher reference, glad you showed me.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

Thanks for watching.... Jerks

Hay i'm not a jerk.

Me thinks he doth protest to muxh :p
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You're such a tease Tony flaunting that Walking Dead issue. I'm now 2 months behind on that title.

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@Mezmero: Get caught up!!

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Best line this week from a comic vine video:

"so screw you all guys but thanks for watching...jerks"

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@G-Man:Oh yeah? Well get caught up on One Piece. How bout that mister big shot?! All I'll say is, "Greatest cartoon of all time."

*mic drop

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Much quicker into good stuff lol the toilet!

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Ohhhhhh G-Man, just had to go there with the Joker Boner reference, lol. And..I just have to include this now....

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Gman's female voice sounds way too much like Claptrap from the Borderlands games. I kept picturing him saying those things to Nite Owl instead, which is actually kinda disturbing but I wouldn't put it past the little guy. I really have been playing way too much of that lately, lol.

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TOLD YA about Miles' tshirt being a TBBT reference : http://www.comicvine.com/miles-morales/29-79420/miles-a-tbbt-fan-plus-references-in-comic-books/92-695622/