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The videos make me laugh, I hope they stay. Or move it to premium.

Posted by Overlander

I like the videos, but would definitely appreciate the text...as long as credit is given to everyone who participates.

Posted by cheluprim

I love the the videos!

Posted by darkrider

no text love the videos

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Tony, my vote is to keep the video format. For me my favorite part is your performance, the funny voices and being able to see the pictures. I don't think a text version would capture all of that.

Posted by new_onslaught

Keep the video format! I love them! Me not like words! :p

Posted by UrbanChill

love the video format i hope it stays

Posted by Wardishy

I like the videos! But I'd be okay with text articles instead if it was easier for you.

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I don't think you're ever allowed to bring up the P word when talking to a woman.

at least not if you're interested in surviving the encounter.

Also I think I would like text format. Not that I mind the video (I don't) at al.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

I hope you don't stop making these as videos. For starters I enjoy the narrated format, for two I like the toys on your shelves because many of them are the same ones I have (THE MAXX!), and for three, if this were just text it wouldn't be nearly as fun.

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Great stuff this week! And you have to keep the video format.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

I,m more surprised it bothered X 23 or is that the way there showing her growing.

Posted by Vulshock

Maybe you could just choose the best one for a shorter video and then have the rest as text. You could see how it goes but doing both video and text might take longer.

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Keep the video format!

Posted by dreamfall31

VIDEO! You're wacky sense of humor is half of the reason I like the videos!

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Keep the videos!!! love them

Posted by kantrip

Keep the video format!

Posted by wundagoreborn

Dear "Best Stuff in Comics,"

Don't ever change.

You are already the Best.

Fondest regards,


Posted by MK5

I like videos. G-man's gestures and voices are great like Batman's garbled voice. :)

Posted by rob1157

Keep the videos, G.