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Posted by NightFang

You can never have enough Batmobiles.

Posted by rob1157

I guess he has the right tool.....eewww. and thanks Tony.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

The best thing to do with a giant 1949 (all cooper) penny is sell it for scrap thing must be worth a bundle. Just what dose bucky think he's little pee shooter is going to do against armoured cockpit glass.

Posted by Wardishy

I really like your t-shirt this week.

Edited by ThePRez

@g_man Tony are you using an external mic for your camera?

Posted by cmaprice

I didn't take it as a double entendre. Innuendo, maybe. Unless "tool" is in part meant to mean his penis. I personally took it as an "if they stripped you naked, you'd have tools tucked away in places they'd never think to look" type comment.

Posted by WheatStalker

eww, yeah, no, not a double entendre ... he meant like how Snake Eyes let himself be captured once, and after being stripped of his armor and placed in a holding cell ... Snake peeled off the bottom of his foot, a rubber sole, secretly containing lockpicks. Then he escaped and totally killed Raja Khalikhan, plus a hundred other Cobra Vipers. :)