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Posted by WheatStalker

The person in the window ... Nick Fury ... could see that you're HYDRA. NOOOOOOO!!!

Posted by BlazingNova

Congrats on 100 episodes G man. And I think you should do the rest of the videos speaking like Yoda.

Posted by scouts1998


this was the video series that got me on comic vine!

Posted by SpitfirePanda

Woot! Grat on 100 episodes! I look forward to this series every week :P

Posted by HushoftheWind

my goodness, i think i actually watched every episode of the best stuff in comics.

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Hey, remember when Daredevil used to be a badass crime noir thriller? Now it's a Saturday morning cartoon :- /

The second I seen that 21 Jump Street part in Thunderbolts I knew it was going to make it in to this video lol

Also this is the Best Insult In Comics This Week:

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Sweet dance moves Gman

Posted by Jasoninthewoods

The Marvel dialog just gets worse ,and worse it seems.

Posted by G_leno


I watched the 3 stooges remake and hated it. Then I watched it again with my son and giggled a little. Then I watched it a 3rd time because there was nothing else good on and I was laughing hard as soon as they are adults. I did a total 180 on it!