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Posted by jwalser3

Loved the Dead Pool one. I guess I should pick this up haha.

Posted by Jawshco

Ah dang, I missed Deadpool and World's Finest- now I'm going to have to pick those up!

Thanks for the mention Gman! You're hilarious. The pee-reference cracked me up.I have to read that one now.

This week's best Cheech and Chong reference in a Comicvine video goes to GMan in this video! Ha!

Posted by Zereta

"Maybe I shouldn't be making fun of this"


Posted by Cosette

Hahahahaha this is the best, best stuff this week!!! :) THWIP! THWIP!

Posted by Utandi

Best stuff in comics this year?

Green Lantern #0!

The hole issue is just amazing! Maybe I'll get a new tattoo... :D

Posted by Sifighter

AH deadpool that guy never makes any sense why he does this but that why we love to read about him.

Posted by The Cyan Lantern

What about the Louis Lane mention in Spider-Man?!?

Posted by McKlayn

i missed x factor this week :'( damn it all to hell for low income weeks!!

Posted by Queso6p4

Another fun episode. I love the voices G-Man does. I may have to go back and grab that X-Factor book.

Posted by KnightRise

G-Man's old Asian woman voice is almost too damn good.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Tony you should be a voice artist!

Posted by Mezmero

As expected some great stuff! I think I would've called that Deadpool panel "best thing to not try at home (kids)". I think best naked dude should've gone to Anton Arcane from Swamp Thing #0. The voice work that Tony does makes me wish for the return of Preview Theater. I mean between you guys and the giant bomb crew you have some of the best voice work available on the internet. Perhaps an old fashion live reading on the BLLSL could be arranged. Invite Nolan North as a special guest and see how long Sara can keep from laughing. Keep doing this humorous video feature.

Posted by G-Man

@Mezmero: Hmm...there's some interesting things you said there. Let's just say, glad to see you're a subscriber. I talked with a couple of the guys about possible future subscriber stuff.

Posted by Tyrannotaur

Best question in the back of the comic comes from X-Factor #243 , where Peter David answered my friend Chris/Polaris Junkie's question. Really awesome!

Best Last kiss is from Avengers Academy #36. If you read it you know what I mean.

And Most awesome Cover (in my opinion) goes to Defenders #10, because that's one awesome cover.

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@The Cyan Lantern said:

What about the Louis Lane mention in Spider-Man?!?

I thought that was pretty awesome too.

I thought the same thing about Robin (Helena Wayne) in Earths' Finest #0 - I guess her knees went weak at the site (understandably) but the scene looked like ... well what you said...

Also, is it bad that Im more interested in their backstory and previous identities than I am with their current/future storyline(s)???

Posted by dewboy01

Now that's funny.

Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

best stuff indeed

Posted by Bestostero

Deadpool classy as ever :)

Posted by Fantasgasmic

These segments can be fun and funny, but it is VERY inaccurately named.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Hehe the Deadpool stuff was the best :)

Posted by 7DEADPOOL7

Deadpool definetley defeats his opponent in the best way possible.

Posted by Labeeb

For me, it was also in 'Animal Man: Annual' The cat asks Maxine to roll down the windows 'cause he has to take care of some business & Maxine asks him, 'What business?" So the cat answers, "I need to urinate." That was the best scene lol. Cracked me up.

Posted by Pnut404

The deadpool was some good stuff got a good laugh out of it.