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The Tron Craze will never be over!

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Love these the intro is a little cheesy but I love the feature

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Spider-Man survives! WAHHHHH!

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Yes we do need more pizza dog...or do we?

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bro, come on, bro! .... bro.

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... just the cover LMFAO

The story's that bad?

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The moment with Sue Storm and Deadpool was truly epic but from what I saw from the 1st issue,this would be as stupid as every other title that has in the title 'Kills the Marvel Unoverse' or 'vs. the Marvel Universe'.

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Grgh! You way you said it made me think Dr Evil was wearing the cowl

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I love the music near the end of the reminds me of an afterschool special.

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Minus a few things at the end, I think today's video was more of a "funny stuff" this week video :)
Spidey looks like a dough bag getting hit, dead pool head goes pop? LOL!! And a GRGh??!! :D :D

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@JairamGanpat said:

... just the cover LMFAO

The story's that bad?

Actually I dunno what G Man is talking about. Spawn had one of the better stories of those times. While other superheroes were out saving the day, getting the girl, defeating mysterious bank robbers - Spawn was in a dirty back alley, hating himself, hating his best friend for marrying his wife and ripping criminals like the child rapist Billy Kincaid to shreds instead of turning them in to the cops. Spawn had a pretty grim and realistic storyline for the late 90's.

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@Humanity We actually talked a little about this issue on the podcast. What I was "talking about" here is how the interiors are so drastically different. I stopped reading Spawn long ago. What you mentioned sounds like stuff from way before issue 100. I've tried picking up the comic from time to time. Are you currently reading it? I didn't make a single statement over what Spawn used to be about.
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Where can we get the CV poster and other Merch?

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@Webjaker: That was actually a banner we had made for a convention a couple years back. As for merch, it's a matter of whether or not people will actually buy. In the past we've had people say "yes, I'd buy ___" and then it just didn't happen. I believe Ryan from Giant Bomb is overseeing the merch dept right now. You can let him know on twitter that you're interested.

I've been giving out stickers and buttons at conventions when people come up to me (and if I'm not in the middle of an interview).

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Another good episode. Loved the Deadpool 'pop', glad I wasn't the only one who enjoyed that.

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Hell Yeah BATMAN!!!! ARGHH!!!

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Apollo telling Midnighter how fugly that chin spike is.

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This is some great stuff. I don't keep up with enough comic to know what qualifies as best so it's cool to see your perspective for the week. Keep doing these videos.

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@Humanity: I don't think that book came from the '90s, though...

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me luvvvvvvvvvvvv PIZZA DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not being funny dissing SPAWN like that Bro

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C'mon Spawn is not that great anymore, Admit it.

It started off great but has steadily declined in quality over time.

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Another Wilhelm scream. Keep it up G-man. And way to get side tracked on the podcast. Wow. However, judging by the character that is James Robinson I can see how that happens.

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Freakin' awesome!!!

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Seemed pretty short but it was pretty fun. I knew exactly what G-Man was going to show when he started talking about number 2 as that's the scene I saw when scanning that book. Then, I put it back on the shelf. I also only bought last week's issue of Spawn because it was a homage cover like the last two.

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@G-Man: Oh wow I could have sworn that is one of the old comics. I was thinking, why did G Man specifically buy an old issue like that. I remember a very similar cover from before issue 100 - I haven't read Spawn recently but from stuff I read about Omega Spawn and whatnot I did think it sounded really hokey. To clarify I was speaking about the old Spawn and was under the impression you were too, my mistake!

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Pizza Dog ftw!

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Awesome video, this is my favorite of the segments, keep up the good work.

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lol I'm surprised Spawn is still around, that poor soul just needs to rest already.

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I'm gonna go grab Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe this week :'D I'm so excited for this new series!! After hearing the reviews and samples from the new 52 I have had a hard time buying anything DC. I really want the new Watchmen, but only because Lee Bermejo is such an amazing artist and I have to admire the art. The premise of making more Watchmen does tick me off, but well, I haven't checked it out and I'm not big on integrity when it comes to enjoying media.