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50 bucks well spent

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This is too sexy.

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LOL. Don't even know why I watched this.

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I feel as though I know @g_man on a whole new level now.

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I like me some premium content! Thanks Tony :D

Man, I hope Days of Future Past isn't a train wreck...

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RIP @g_man, killed himself while shaving at Quicksilver speed.

There is a good reason not to have too many blades on a razor if you have sensitive skin. Many blades can cause skin irritation due to the closer shave.

Single bladed razors are actually better than these if you use quality blades. I'm not talking about the classic straight razor type but a safety razor with feather blades like this:

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@g_man: Your bed hair looks better than my going out hair. Haven't used this style of razor in a long time. Usual use an electric razor.

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Oh man...whenever you used the razor moving upwards I cringed! I cannot do that on the underside of my chin moving the blades upwards or I get bad bad razor burn!

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@g_man said:

@cloudyimpulse: Because you could! Thanks!

BTW I did enjoy it. Made me laugh. Question is will you make the permanent switch now?

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I remember you rocking a beard a couple of years ago on WM Happy Hour, and it looked badass.