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" Awesome "
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" Awesome "
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@JairamGanpat: @spidey 15: @turoksonofstone: where is this from?!?!?!
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Upcoming straight to video.
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@turoksonofstone: ok thx! i have to get this!!
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" Awesome "
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I am  HUGE Captain Marvel fan, Always wanted to see Supes/Black Adam throwdown!! 
Pre-ordering now!! 
Yes, I just had a geek-gasm thank you very much!

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looks cool

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I didnt know BA throws lightning bolts around like that... 
Lol, or that his traps are so huuuge.

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this will be an epic movie
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when does this come out?

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The part where they ackowledge Supermans weakness to magic was awsome :)
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This looks nice.

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yeah i dont know why, but when Superman looks down then up and says "Magic." I always geek out.  
If u watch the cinematics for DC v Mortal Kombat he says it then as well and its awsome...for some reason. 
I think its the subte tone of  'aww crap...here we go. anything but this $h1t.' when he sez it.
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Man the comics SOOO jobber Supes vs. Black Adam because it's clear he can kick his ass when he tries... 
I thought of the same thing with MK vs. DCU when he took a shot from Scorpion, Supes said the same thing lol "magic?!" 
This movie looks sick

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so cool, i wanna see it...