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Looks a LOT better than Public Enemies. Turner's also a better artist to base designs on than McGuinness' roided up cartoon style. Hopefully it's awesome.
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oh yeah, I forgot about Dr. Strange 
I actually really liked that one
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Looks epic :D

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Proof that Jeph Loeb isn't a bad writting, just a bad comicbook writer.

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YYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The book was great

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@Comiclove5:  haha! thats not true either! he only writes decent crap when it comes to batman. everything else sucks.
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@Overguardian:  would you like some cheese with that wine?? 
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Top notch. DCU animated  is turning out good stuff.

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and DC does it again, now if only Marvel can make decent animated movies =l

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First off, this looks pretty amazing and there cannot be enough said about how DC has taken their animated movies and ran with them.  This is however someone of a re-hash of a movie they already did.  Yes everyone loves Superman and Batman, but seeing them together over and over again is going to get a little stale and possibly, dare I say it, boring.  I love that DC isn't afraid to go out on a limb and try for something, but it just seems like they are reaching over and over again to the same pot and eventually people are going to get sick of it.  I'm not the biggest DC fan in the world, but I am a huge Batman fan, and even I'm getting a little sick of it.  I would love to see DC utilize some of their other characters in a way that brings them to the foreground and stops leaving so many characters in the background. 

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This looks awesome, too bad they didn't use the style from the previous movie. Love the artwork of McGuinness

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good lookin' trailer

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Cool, can't wait to see this one as well.

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Sweet. I only pay attention to DC's movies/video games, so I'll be renting this without a doubt.

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Awesome to the third power. Even looks a little like Tuner's art.
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Looks awesome.

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Looks rad and I'll probably rent it. These DC direct-to-DVD things, for me, have been cool so far, but they don't come close enough to being anywhere near as good as the old animated series for me to be interested in buying them.
Also, the audio on that video was compressed to all kinds of hell... probably not Comic Vine's fault but, dang.

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I love me some Supergirl

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The last two were awesome so lets do another :)

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Cant Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Damn! I can't wait to see this!

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This looks very intense. I LIKE!
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Was that... an army of Doomsdays?  Oh my lord, I think I need to find this comic.  And I really really want this movie.

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i wish dc would put out dvd's like these every month !!!!

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Is it me or is Batman getting darker everyday?

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@CadeShanley: its u lol. @00 Raiser: I jizzed my pants@nutzac4888: Dont worry its only a sequal and looking at the art it looks more like anime(which fits the darker story better than the saturday moring kids cartoon look) and I dont think you can get away with having supergirl in a bikini in that style it'll look ok. but this looks great.
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Looks great!
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I wonder of this will affect Batman's animated movie career?


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Never thought I'd get goose-bumps from an animated trailer b4 but this just looks awesome!!!!! can't wait!
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My interest is piqued; shall have to wait and keep my hopes at neutral for now.

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Can't wait for it.

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Animation style looks nice. Batman has various suits, nice. An army of Doomsdays? Oh, Superman will have his work cut out for him.
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I'm really digging the art!  Why can't DC make live action films this good (with the exception of Batman of course...)?!?!

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I'm just a little bumbed that it looks like it's on a pretty epic scale, yet ONLY Superman and Batman are there.
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Very nice from what I can tell. DC is doing a great job with the animated movies. I like how they are bringing the stories from the "Superman/Batman" comic book to animation. Great Job!

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 l like that anime-esque style they have going for it.

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Looks great. I love the Michael Turner as interpreted through Peter Chung (Aeon Flux). WHich works because I like Turner's art but his style is sketchy and wouldn't work in animation.  
I can't wait. The DC animated flicks have been great. I have them all.
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Wheres Wonder Woman?!?!?

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the Superman Batman movies kick major @ss!  This looks amazing!

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@clumsyninja:  Obviously you didn't read what this movie is based off of.
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@Noctis:  They are probably holding back on a lot of the cameos.
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O.O can`t wait