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Oh the memories!   Back when I still enjoyed Superman/Batman when they're stories were still canon...


R.I.P. Michael Turner

Posted by afierce

That clip looks great! Can't wait for this.


meh. Nothing innovated here.

Posted by sora_thekey

Can't wait to watch this!

Posted by JCJQLB

She really looks like Michael Turner's Supergirl

Posted by ComicMan24

It looks so good.

Posted by GT-Man

eh meh heh HAAHAHA
Edited by Nick-SV(ril)

I think I'm pretty sure to say , that this was one of my favorite DC animated movies.

Posted by Hunter114
This is pretty much right at the beginning of the movie... it gets better.
Posted by Duo_forbidden

Oh man, I totally forgot about this movie! It looks good so far.

Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw

ohhhh can`t wait to see this :D

Posted by elevatorparty

this was a bit of a crappy clip in my opinion. For something titled "Run" it seemed to involve a lot of stopping and staring and slowly starting to run again. Not very much energy.  It felt faster in the comics
It would have been alright except that it cut out right before Batman takes her down with a chunk of kryptonite which would have at least looked exciting. 
Why did they choose to show this? its not particulary important and as someone else said - its at the very start of the film, before there is any real drama. 
A clip of a fight scene might have gotten me more interested

Posted by dawnell_do@yahoo.com

That was cool, can't wait until this comes out!

Posted by MrMazz

so yea that just kinda confused me but looks good?

Posted by Bruce Vain

Can't wait 
I miss Michael Turner and his work :((
Posted by JarJarMinks

Saw it, loved it.  Also, Wonder Woman deserves her name in the title for how cool she was in this one.

Posted by TheMess1428

It looks like the wind was blowing her away instead of her flying.

Posted by mickoreo_LZ

Geeze it's tough being a single girl in the big city.

Posted by weapon154

Oh Right.

Posted by ugli

Saw it the other day, probably my favorite DC animated film ever.

Posted by Decept-O

That was great.
Posted by Dark Walker

Can't wait for this, the story was epic.

Posted by Ms. Omega

That was great

Posted by alphamale73
@JCJQLB: I know....it's spooky kinda. But nice to see it getting recognition as Turner's character.
Posted by greenenvy

I am just more excited about green arrow short. 

Posted by daken_2513

this looks awesome
Posted by Jayso4201

saw the preview on under the red hood looks cool
Posted by Chris2KLee

Mmmm, gonna pass. It wasn't one of my favorite story arcs to begin with, and I don't think watching it in animated form will make me change my mind.

Posted by intothetempest

Wait, so in order to get down a random flying lady in the street who didn't really do anything, they start shooting at her? Huh. That's a funny way to do it

Posted by MrGutts
@intothetempest:  haha same thing I was thinking. 
Also did she loose her memories or did the blond gene kick in over night?
Posted by Grimoire

I'm going to watch this movie soon.

Posted by queenfrost_

Dont like the groaning

Posted by Gokujam

I watched it last night. Its not my favourite DC animated movie. That honour goes to "Under the Red Hood" but it was decent and Wonder Woman was BADASS!!
Posted by Grimoire

Just watched it and thought it was great. Changed it a little to give it a little unpredictability for those that read the story arc but still a movie I am going to buy.

Posted by www.deadpoolforum.com

  • that girl is so cool!!!!!!    
Posted by Bestostero

Can't wait to see this one.

Posted by Krak0

Another awesome DC animated movie. I was just a bit sad that they dint get Michel Ironside as Darkseid.

Posted by high_savage

i always like superman/batman stories...especially this one, amazing!...

Posted by intothetempest
@MrGutts: Haha i'll say, although she is an illegal alien....
Posted by ForbushBug
@intothetempest said:
" Wait, so in order to get down a random flying lady in the street who didn't really do anything, they start shooting at her? Huh. That's a funny way to do it "
She did shoot heat vision at them. Sure she hit the car but if I had a gun I wouldn't wait to figure out if that was her intent or a bad first shot.
Posted by extrememage

they were pretty rough on her! "bring her down!" ott much?
Posted by Yummylee

And I still love the DC cartoons animation style after this long.

Posted by aloe vera


Posted by AMS

Oh Supergirl.....Swoon. 
DC Animations PWN. 
Seriously the production values have been amazing recently. 
Keep up the good work!
Posted by Shadowdoggy
but I hope the script is better than it was in Public Enemies 
that was little lazy in the writing IMO
Posted by ElJuano

So what's the issue again if ppl have already seen this movie? Personally I think this movie RAWWWKS!! The obvious Michael Turner style to the characters is a huge draw for me, especially Wonder Woman and Supergirl... WOW!! That said I will buy this movie ASAP once it's available, I just don't get the hate if someone has seen the movie already. Doesn't it make sense to see something before buying it. That would of helped out when Public Enemies came out... that movie was far less enjoyable then say Crisis. Not worth money being spent on it at all. 

Posted by P3771

Can't wait to download it.
Posted by MrGutts
@P3771 said:
" Can't wait to buy it and then download it. "
fixed :)
Posted by Akalie

I loved the comic book.  The art in it was fantastic and am looking forward to an un-bastardized version of Doomsday in a movie.

Posted by JML103179

I wonder if they're going to do a Peter Jackson and make up an idea of how to speak Kryptonian. Having Kara only speaking Kryptonian in that first issue really grounded the piece; this girl's from another planet. Of COURSE there's going to be a language barrier.
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