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Posted by MichaeltheFly

Kara punching Superman now I really am looking forward to seeing this movie.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Am I the only one who thinks Superman looks as if he's wearing eyeliner? (01:08)

Edited by churrific

I dunno. I like Summer Glau and all, but she sounds kind of off-putting as Supergirl. Her voice sounds bland in all the trailers and clips I've watched.

Posted by Lethal Elegance

PROS:  Her black/crimson outfit. 
CONS:  Everything else. 
 P.S. - I think I just threw-up in my mouth.
Posted by ComicMan24

Is it me or Darkseid's name sounds different?

Posted by Red Rum

If my beloved cousin was like that, I'd shoot myself... and I DON'T mean loyal to some benecidal maniac...

Posted by DEGRAAF
I cant seem to get the video to wrok, it just contiues to say loading , i've tried it in internet explorer and Firefox
Posted by weapon154

Wow... tough.

Posted by Gawdzilla

Summer's Kara somewhat reminds me of Azula from Avatar

Posted by afierce

Geez, Grabby McGrabber-Pants.

Posted by suuperman

I saw the movie already, I loved it. very true to the source material which i also loved. The changes they made toward the end in the movie actually make it better in my eyes then the comic. I was like wow now thats a Supergirl, her training that she got from the amazons finally got to shine through.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
Posted by buttersdaman000

this was pretty good. every fan of superman or batman or comics in general should pick this up

Posted by danhimself

just finished watching the movie and I have 2 minor complaints

other than those 2 small complaints...it was a pretty good movie...not as good as Wonder Woman or Green Lantern...but still a pretty good film
Posted by Golden Cod

Darkseid's voice feels a little off.   There's no commanding presence.   He kind of sounds like an average joe in that clip.

Posted by GT-Man

Supes got OWNED
Posted by Green Skin

I always thought Darkseid was pronounced like 'dark seed'.  Learn something new everyday.

Posted by warlord1234

I prefer Michael Ironside voice.

Posted by Calvin

Well,it's true that for someone with super-hearing Superman could pay more attention to what people say... I'm not crazy about the art and Kara's voice sounds too old, but I really want to watch this one!!!


Uh supermans face in this is really buggin me, super girly eyes + super pointy jaw dont = Superman for me
Posted by OrionStarlancer
@AVANTxGARDE: No kidding.  Is he wearing eye-liner?  What the hell?
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Excellent animated movie. Everyone who needed to be in the story was, and while they did "tweak" some aspects of the original story the did it in a way that was very enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the SG vs DS KDDO when Supergirl went all "Female Fury" on Darkseid.      

Posted by Bruce Vain

They get Conroy and Daly back to do the voices of Supes and Bats . So why didn't they bring back Ironside for Darkseid ? Andre doesn't really sound good as Darkseid.
Posted by TheMess1428

Am I the only one who thinks they made Supergirl look kinda hot there? lol

Posted by No_Name_
" Uh supermans face in this is really buggin me, super girly eyes + super pointy jaw dont = Superman for me "
I think it's really inspired by Michael Turner's art. If you look at his Superman he looks just like that.
Posted by CrimsonInuTears

... Man I wish I had the time to buy this an watch it today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. ^_^
Posted by Psycorvus

Supes wearing guy liner and getting smashed in the face by super girl? EPIC! definitely seeing this now :D
Posted by Destinyhero20

Just got done watching the movie. It was so awesome!
Posted by Lustwish

Have seen it, loved it.  No more clips for god's sake.  Just buy the thing.  I saw it almost a month ago now, get on the band wagon folks lol

Posted by Kreature
Posted by goldenkey
@Golden Cod: I agree.  Michael Ironside was perfect for it.  DC does an extremely good job with the voice over work by getting real actors for the work not professional voice over-actors.  When JLA and JLA unlimited was on one of my things I really enjoyed about it was seeing how dead on they got a lot of the voices, especially for a lot of the second tier hero's like Green Arrow and the Question.  My favorite tho is Ron Perlman doing Slade/Deathstroke on Teen Titans even tho it's pretty much a different animated division doing it.
Posted by Skies327

This really is a great movie. The art is spot-on, it's a compelling story, and as a whole it shows DC's continuing dedication to putting out quality animated films.

Posted by kitsuneconundrum

Wow, i didnt know that this was a direct sequel to Most wanted.

Posted by KingSolomon

It was a good buy, specially if ya like seeing supes get smacked around and batman gets alot of good lines, overall its pretty funny.
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Posted by Precise

I was disappointed.. I didn't particularly like the movie while i did enjoy the comicbook arc. It just didn't translate the same feelings for me as it did in the comic.

Posted by ComicMan24

The art looks abit weird but I want to see it.

Posted by DMC
@warlord1234 said:
" I prefer Michael Ironside voice. "
Definitely, as far as I'm concerned he is Darkside
Posted by Eyz
Posted by dondasch

Watched this DVD last night, and have many, many problems with it.  I'll just start with one for now.  Does anyone else think that Andre Braugher was completely miscast as Darkseid?  It seemed like every line he had for Darkseid was rushed.  As if he was trying to get through them as quickly as possible and didn't seem to enjoy or understand the role.  Frankly, I would have preferred Michael Dorn as Darkseid.  He would have been an excellent voice for that character.

Posted by pinchpaker29

I am getting a Slave Leia vibe with Kara's look...

Posted by imaginaryman

I liked this movie, all the fight scenes were nice, but I didn't feel batman's presence all that much, and there were a few cheesy lines, but all in all a good film especially the last fight scene with Darkseid, though I found Kara's taste in outfits a little too slutty in this movie, no offense to SG fans

Posted by Argentino_18

I kinda liked the movie, except for some changes becouse of the adaptation, I enjoyed Superman beating the living daylights of Darkseid, I was waiting for him to start shout ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA O

Posted by Jake Fury

I loved this movie. It's the perfect DC cosmic story to coincide with Under The Red Hood's street level stuff.
Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

I picked the Blu Ray copy on this one(even though I don't own a player yet), cause that combo pack was insane. The figure doesn't seem that good, but its a Supes figure nonetheless.

Posted by Juanmower
@FoxxFireArt: Seriously, what is up with that. Makes him look like he's in the Goo Goo Dolls or something. Awful.
Posted by Chamoi


Posted by G'bandit

Am I the only one that notice that Superman is wearing eye liner? 
I think he was in Broadway  O_o

Posted by Hashbrowns

This might be an minority opinion, but the introduction of the new Kara even in the comics was such a rushed, shallow, perfunctory and haphazard story.  We never got to know who Kara was as a character.  I read the entire series in one sitting and was left feeling pretty embarrassed for the writer.
Besides, the internal monologues that Geoff Johns wrote for his Superman/Batman stories is the closest thing to character development the story has, and there's no proper way to include them in an animated adaptation.  So we're left with Kara showing up, Batman being suspicious, Darkseid brainwashing, and then fight. 
Considering the equally brain-dead storyline in Superman/Batman Public Enemies, I'm beginning to realize that the stories of the DCAU are leagues ahead of their comic book counterparts.  Crisis on Two Earths was such a well-paced and engaging story in comparison to the souless continuity house-cleaning of the comic book Crisis events. 
I'd rather see more original content maybe borrowing concepts or premises from the comics rather than more direct adaptations of popular but amazingly poor comic book story-lines.
Posted by BoOMbOoMpOw


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