Posted by Maystack

I love the smell of comics in the morning.

Posted by thanosrules

The first sniff makes you cry, the second - seventh make you laugh.

Yeah, count them.

Posted by Decept-O

Does the card smell like...failure?

Edited by Sammo21

I hate polybags. I think its fine if I never feel like getting the comic out, like a second copy...but my regular edition? nope.

Tony are you an Alkaline Trio fan? I love them! I've seen them 3 times in concert and its good every time.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

Makes me wonder... Are there any heroes or villains that have the power of stench?

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I think I have that X-Force issue. Though, not the collector's edition with several different cards.

It's bad enough that it smells, but I notice you keep going back. If it smells that bad 20 years later. I wonder if it smelled worse when it was brand new.

Posted by G-Man

@thanosrules: Editing this, I wasn't sure why I kept going back and smelling again. I was almost starting yelling at myself.

@Sammo21: I do love Alkaline Trio. I've seen them...maybe four times now. Norm and I just saw them over the summer. Always a great show.

Posted by Iron Apollo

Great video Tony, way to hold on to that stinky piece. Lots of laughs!

Posted by AlKusanagi

What the hell did you do?!? It's worthless now!!!

Posted by Danial79

haha You've gotta think how much young boys would love something like that in a comic. The grosser the better to them :)

Posted by AngeTheDude

I would have loved to see Sara have to smell that comic.

Posted by thechessclub

@AngeTheDude said:

I would have loved to see Sara have to smell that comic.

Yea. Knock her down a peg=P lol

Posted by G-Man

@AngeTheDude: That would mean she'd have to come to my garage. It's not safe to remove that comic from the garage. Maybe if I can get a sealed hazmat container I could bring it to the office.

Edited by Decept-O

Let me re-phrase that one. Since the comic is from 1992, did the card smell like...teen spirit? Come as you are, as you were...*sorry*

Posted by Daveyo520

All these recent poly bags just bring me back to when I first started reading. Oh the 90's.

Posted by AgentOtaku

Can't believe that comic was almost 20 years old and sealed. I don't think I own anything more than a few years old.