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Posted by MichaeltheFly

They should do a movie with Daredevil becoming the leader of The Hand.

Posted by reaper2923

I got my friend interested when I showed him this X men Dark Avengers Utopia

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For those of us who have a girlfriend or wife *raises hand*, I'd suggest any thing that is Scott Pilgrim-esque. Not sure if there is anything this week that has that kind of humor but if its there, you can give that to her.

Posted by nightwing1999

I will try daredevil,i been tempting since issue 500,so I hope I like it I guess  can add a new title to my roster.
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Would you really recommend that Daredevil book to a new reader? The artwork is beautiful. That just seems a bit deep to jump into.
Is Wonder Woman wearing biker shorts and sandal style heels?? "Angle Man"....seriously? That's not even acute.
I think you'd certainly want to go with a Trade Paperback to get someone into a comic. Give them a more completed story right from the start. I think if I wanted to get someone into X-Men. I would get them Supernovas, Blinded by the Light, and Messiah Complex. The story moves, it has some good writing, the artwork is really well done, and it's a nice jumping point for more recent events.
Another good book that I think stands alone would be Wolverine: Civil War. That works on it's own, art is really great, and has just enough to peak some interest.

Babs was caramelldansen!! Alright! I drew some of my own original characters doing that for a picture once.

FoxxFire Art Characters
Posted by crazed_h3ro

Daredevil is fine with me and that wonder women tradeback looks good too
Posted by sora_thekey
Anime.... dancing  LOL!
I've been wanting to start reading Daredevil for some time now but things get in the way.... like other comics I prefer to buy!
Posted by Mighty_Destroyer

whoa you blink a lot during this one...

Posted by No_Name_
@Mighty_Destroyer said:
" whoa you blink a lot during this one... "
That's cause it was all in one take!
Posted by Agent Buttons
Looking forward to the Wonder Woman reprint! :D
Posted by No_Name_
@Agent Buttons: yay!
Posted by nrussell18

I've just started to read comics in the last month and I started with Civil War and Old man Logan...great reads!!!
Posted by Queen's Halo

Well, I'm looking forwards to X-Men: Legacy #230, X-Force #22 and Ms. Marvel #48.

Posted by drawme

I think Spider-Man would make a great start when you want to read comics.

Posted by BeastandBatmanrock55

Daredevil right know is two deep into the plot to jump on in my opienon.

Posted by fACEmelter88

Yea getting my g/f in2 comics won't happen...i've been able to keep my comic fandom slash collection hidden from my fellow football players and fellow swimmers (varsity in both but i try not to brag) so far but the attempts to get my friends into comics has failed miserably but my dorm mate actually found my stash so hes into deadpool and x-men....U R WELCOME MARVEL. deadpool is a great character/book for people to get into since hes usually not to serious.

Posted by No_Name_
@fACEmelter88: You just need to get her the right book! There's a comic book for everyone out there :)
Posted by FLStyle
@Babs: If you don't know who those bad guys were then I don't see how I could get into that Wonder Woman comic :P My lack of interest in her continues.
Posted by advocatefish

im giving the ultimates vol 1 and 2 for my girlfriend to read before we see iron man2. she forced me to read twilight and new moon before seeing those.
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Thanks Babs, now I have to go search out that WW trade :/

...and I love your choice of background for this vid.