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No, really... who are this two again?

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Looks whose talking.

@notarandomguy said:

No, really... who are this two again?

They're great actors. And they're hilarious!

Who knew nerds were so RUDE?

Posted by perdition

This is the funniest damn thing I've ever seen.

I love them so much that it hurts.

Posted by Decept-O

Bit adult stuff but had me laughing. These guys are cracking me up.

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lol It's my fisting hand, I found that part hilarious. Don't know about the rapist joke, but overall I enjoyed that section the most.

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For some very strange reason seems like this is from 2011. Because we're going...back in time....

The dudes trying to promote their booths and items for sale, well I understand it but really, they come across like annoying carnies at a crappy State Fair.

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I still cannot get over this camera guy's shoddy cam work :/

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@notarandomguy said:

No, really... who are this two again?

One is the prophet of God and might really be God and the other is the son of God.

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I actually really like their coverage. It wouldn't be as much fun to watch if they were two experts just pointing out series and characters that we already know. Not to mention it would probably scare away people who just recently got interested in the geek culture. This way we get to see the reaction of someone who's new to the scene - which others who are new can relate to and everyone else just finds hilarious.

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That reminds me I need socks.

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I wonder where that last guy to take a pic with them got that avengers hoodie

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@NightFang said:

@notarandomguy said:

No, really... who are this two again?

One is the prophet of God and might really be God and the other is the son of God.

They're actually really funny

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The guy in the background's face at 17:50 is hilarious!!! That must have been such a weird convo to overhear.

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" Cocaine's a hell of a drug Rob."

"It sure is Rich, it causes you to trip on Bronies and makes it hard to talk with the numb face and all. Whoa, boobies!"

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holy shit ... i loved the interview with you guys!!!! i am fistblade by the way lol

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I'm the boyfriend with Nicci that was getting fistbladed. I feel bad, after us the rest of your guys day must of seemed lackluster.

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we suck at being interviewed