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Posted by ahgunsillyo

I was disappointed that Fake Marty McFly, despite his rather uncanny resemblance to Young Michael J. Fox, did not actually sound like Michael J. Fox. Oh well. Can't have it all, I guess. That would actually probably be really unfortunate for his day-to-day life if he both looked AND sounded like him, though.

On another note, are these videos actually affiliated with Comic Vine? I've seen these guys in movies before.

Posted by Decept-O

I will never think about the song "Back In Time" the same way ever again. Ha!

Agreed, the Marty McFly double's voice was disconcerting...

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow that's one nice fake Marty McFly. Pretty nice! And...get em zombies...get em!

Posted by hyenascar

Such a great video. Self deprecating humor is always funny. However, this "Odd Couple" at a comic con, ripping on each other, is even better.