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Posted by advocatefish

Batman all the way. G-Man is crazy.

Posted by adoggez1

team batman
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Posted by hdorman1

i agree with G man 
spider man is better 

Posted by AmazingSpiderMike

With all due respect, Babs.....I have 3 words for you 
Spider-man is better

Posted by Blackestnight

Batman is a billionaire Spider man has trouble paying his rent. 
Peter is more like Clark Kent and Spiderman is like Batman but not as much as Dare Devil is. And Spiderman's enemies are like Batmans and both copy each other. Batman also copies Captain America stories too.

Posted by teewillis1981

Batman is better, end of story. Go Babs!

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Babs is a Spidey hater lol but i like them both    they are the same but different at the same time wich is awesome
Posted by X-23_2513

i like them both but i have to go with Batman
Posted by Koz

Spidey is the Man!!
Posted by not2baad

Batman would beat him easy. I love Spider-Man but when his powers fail him he quits. Batman always has the edge. The Bat would be two steps ahead of him all the way just like everyone else. Spider-Man is my second favorite "thinking hero"  beating the odds and being quick  on the draw, but Batman makes him look like Turtleman.
Posted by cosmo111687

Spider-Man is the result of Marvel's lazy writers picking and choosing characteristics from DC's two major characters, Super-Man and Batman, while providing a lot of wish fulfillment mainly for male teenage fans who fantasize about becoming a hero and getting the girl. 
Similarities to Batman: 
1. Named for a fearful, dark creature (and bears an image of it as an insignia upon his chest) 
2. Lost his parents (and uncle) 
3. Primarily fights eccentric madmen in outrageous costumes and powerful gangsters 
4. Has a romantic relationship with a cat-themed character 
5. Best friend becomes one of his greatest enemies (Osborn and Dent) 
6. Is treated as a vigilante by the public and media at large, but has a small contingency of supporters

Similarities to Super-Man  
1. Raised by surrogate parents 
2. Works at a major newspaper
3. (Typically) Wears red and blue 
4. Has an alliterative name (Clark Kent - Peter Parker) 
I love him, but he's derivative. 
And Babs is so right, Batman is way better. Spider-Man's story is fun, but Batman's is ingenuous.

Posted by Cybrilious4

Spiderman is too fast, quick, and Strong for Batman. Spiderman would not let Bats get a luck on him if he wanted to.

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I agree with Amazingspidermike

Posted by CalebCalvo

Dude this would make the greatest comic book