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Posted by Dex

Wow this is the best I've ever seen the vulture look. Actually an intimidating character in this not just an old man in a bird costume.

Edited by MrMazz

a good spiderman game makes me happy 
very smeagle like also

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Hes like a vampire. cool. 
Posted by Namor1987

He reminds me of an old crackhead in a trench coat

Posted by Dex
@Namor1987: and what is more scary than that..
Posted by elevatorparty

Does anyone else think that the Noir part of the game is the only thing worth playing? Graphics look amazing, villains look amazing, style of gameplay (if you like sneaking) look amazing.  
The 2099 stuff looks pretty good too.  
But i have zero interest in the Amazing and Ultimate stuff (though I love the comics)

Posted by pinchpaker29
@Dex said:
" Wow this is the best I've ever seen the vulture look. Actually an intimidating character in this not just an old man in a bird costume. "
You got that right! they should apply this look in the comics...
Posted by Onyx

talk about flying under the radar, I had no idea this was in production. I loved Web of Shadows for the fact it deviated from traditional Spider-man story lines. SO I can only hope this is just as entertaining

Posted by Thunderscream
@MrMazz said:
" a good spiderman game makes me happy  very smeagle like also "
very smeagle like indeed. waiting for the spider-man/lord of the rings cross-over
Posted by shawn87

he looks pretty sinister

Posted by Mutant X

Wow. That looked pretty sick!

Posted by ImJustLikeParker

He's hot. :)
Posted by AmazingSpiderMike
@Dex: Well said
Posted by *Girl of Steel*

Uh huh, now he's even creeper.... Can't wait for Sep.

Posted by Namor1987
@Dex:  The old guy thats a crackhead & in a trenchcoat that offers kids candy lol
Posted by conformist21

yeah noir vulture was crazy freakshow dude,
i want to buy this game

Posted by Dex
@Namor1987: haha ok that takes the cake.
Posted by MrMazz
@Thunderscream:  Then  Andy Serkis can do the Mo Cap for Spidey Smegale Gobline and everyone 
Posted by Vance Astro

The Vulture from Web of Shadows was better than this.

Posted by csimon

looks cool
Posted by ARMIV
@Dex said:
"Wow this is the best I've ever seen the vulture look. Actually an intimidating character in this not just an old man in a bird costume. "

I gotta agree.
Posted by gambit987

In the comics vulture noir doesn't have any powers

Posted by sora_thekey

First time I actually think the Vulture is menacing!

Posted by Crackdown

How is he still alive? Goblin I could understand, with the tablet in his back, but Vulture was shot. He's dead

Posted by phantomzxro

still not sold on this game
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I wish the Game was Rated M.....So we can see... 

 Wish they didn't take Noir Spideys guns away....but i guess that would make the game a bit too easy,
=p Game has a lot of promise tho
Posted by DH69

cool, just wish venom was in the game...

Posted by Mumbles

about a month away. can't wait!

Posted by Guerrier de Saint

Nice. This game is shaping up to look cool. 

Posted by pantslabyrinth

Matrix Vulture?

Posted by DaggerKlutz

He looks cool but that voice annoys me.

Posted by Obsurity

He looks like a vampire and sounds a bit like a cheesey villian...
Posted by reaper2923

I so can't wait for this

Posted by PetarVukobrat

Looks sick. Can't wait. This will be the best Spidey game to date. I actually liked Utltimate Spiderman [2005]. It was really fun.

Posted by spideybat

vulture looks like a beast.not just a old hag that cant fight.
Posted by daken_2513

Vulture looks cool

Posted by XFan616

Definitely a new and interesting take on the character. I'm not a huge Spider-Guy but this looks like it might actually be an interesting game.

Posted by spidey 15
@Vance Astro: Well, this is not even 616, so don't expect anything similar. I think there was a vulture in the noir comics. I never see him but he might be the same in this game. 
Anyway, i can't wait to see the trailer for Electro. 
Posted by Hyperion31916

Apparently this obviously lame game is hoping to sell copies through a relentless bombardment of slow mo trailers. I guess they think we wont notice.

Posted by gotjoe11
@elevatorparty:  totally with you.
Posted by B'Town
@doordoor123 said:
"Hes like a vampire. cool. BUT VAMPIRES ARENT COOL. "

nope they're icy cold.
Posted by InnerVenom123

That was... really lame. It's the voice.

Edited by MysterioMaximus

I'm such a big fan of Spider-Man villains...but I'll say it right now. There's only about (give or take) two major ones I've never likes. One is Carnage, who I always found just a cheap knock-off of the vastly superior Venom mix with Joker, nothing original about him at all. The other is Vulture. I could never, ever, get into him. Even in a "So bad he's good" way like, say, Stilt-Man. So I have to say this is IMO the coolest Vulture has ever been...but it's just not Vulture to me, and not really saying much cause it's still lame IMO. Is he...a Vampire now? If so, why not just use Morbius?
This version reminds me so much of Nosferatu:

Edited by Crackdown

Well, in the Noir universe, Vulture is a Carnival Freak who developed a taste for human flesh. He was a geek (the traditional sense, not the nerd type) and used to bite the heads of chickens. Uncle Ben wasn't killed by a burglar in Noir, he was cannibalized by Vulture, and Pete was the first one to find him later on
Not sure why people keep assuming he's a vampire

Posted by Darkseid Elite

looks cool
Posted by Staticoss

this game looks awesomely awesome, this, batman arkham asylum, and spiderman wed of shadows are officially the best superhero games
Posted by Pizawle

It is cool but if they wanted a vampire esque character, Morbius already exists.

Posted by greenenvy

One of my three favorite villains and this version is awesome but not too crazy but still cool. How many vulture fans are out there? this version is like Nosferatu meets an old man Marlin Manson  ha ha. 

Posted by Rocket Avenger/Dark Avenger

Cant wait to get this game
Posted by elevatorparty
@Crackdown: i didn't know that. Sounds cool. Plus I never knew that Geek meant a carnival freak show act. (I AM LEARNING! AWESOME!) 
I'm off to buy the Noir comic book now. 
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