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Posted by Baddamdog

I feel like I don't see Babs as much anymore :(

Posted by batman_is_god

Man, NO WAY can you cover all of Spider-Man's outfits in under an hour. I don't think any other super-hero has had as many outfits.
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Finally a video!! 
Good discussion, not been reading Spider-man but interested in this 
I actually liked the Iron Spider suit, thought it made sense that one of Peter's allies would give him some kevlar and other toys. Hard to maintain a suspension of belief when Peter's got all this rich friends with lots of tech at their disposal and he never even borrows some materials or anything to make himself a bit better protected. 
No discussion on the identity crisis storyline when he had 4 new cosumes??????

Posted by Prims777

I think it makes sense. Why would he run around in just spandex compared to suits that would better prepare him. It's like going out in the arctic naked.

Posted by cold_fuzion

I like the new 'mood-lighting' costume. It's fun.

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@Baddamdog:  I feel the same, if it wasn't for the podcast my life would very babs-less & G-man-less
Posted by No_Name_
@Baddamdog said:
" I feel like I don't see Babs as much anymore :( "
Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy

It is a gimmick. Depending on the reason for going back I understand. Like the black suit had unforeseeable consequences. Who knows?

Posted by Technoman
@Babs said:
" @Baddamdog said:
" I feel like I don't see Babs as much anymore :( "
:( "
Posted by Aetheldod

Im with the G-Man why go to an useless suit , if you get a better one , also spiders are stealthy creatures so the new suit works better , and I always thought going Red/blue on a gray skyline is making yourself a goddamn beacon for bad guys ..... One thing comic books need is evolution , and not just in characters but in costumes as well  (one of the reasons I like Spawn)

Posted by Meteorite
@batman_is_god said:
" Man, NO WAY can you cover all of Spider-Man's outfits in under an hour. I don't think any other super-hero has had as many outfits. "
How about Wasp?
Posted by Sammo21

I hate when they do things like "Spider-Man Disassembled" or "Brand New Day" and they change the character more than him getting a new suit, etc.  Character progression is not a bad thing.

Posted by Theodore

I like the classic spidey suit the best but this new one is interesting.

Posted by JonesDeini

Gimmick, always has been. That's manly our fault as fans...we don't like change, at all. Therefore writers are scared to make lasting change to iconic figures like Pete. Also this particular job of his is far to deus ex machina for my taste. I appreciate Slott for playing up Pete's intelligence (something most writers seem to have forgotten), however, I don't like this whole him leaning in a Tony Stark direction with the suit of the week deal. 

Posted by thecheckeredman
@batman_is_god said:
" Man, NO WAY can you cover all of Spider-Man's outfits in under an hour. I don't think any other super-hero has had as many outfits. "
The WASP has had scads of costumes over the years...
Posted by Bluetorch

I'm glad that the Marvel writers are showing off Peter's intelligence again.  Due to his "Parker luck", I feel like Peter doesn't get the credit he deserves for his smarts.  So I really like the new "Big Time" storyline.  That said, I don't want him to become another Iron Man and create new costumes every 10 issues.  It would be fun for a little while but I could see it getting old after so many times.  Dan Slott's writing is excellent so we'll see where he takes Spider-Man and enjoy the ride!

Posted by Duo_forbidden

The Iron Spider suit was awesome. Its too bad I didn't see it as much. His latest suit me like. I hope to see it from time to time instead of his time dealing with Hobgoblin.

Posted by phrosnite

I like the venom suit best. I have only watched the animated series and the movies...

Posted by Mas

Why does he have to keep changing costumes? Besides the obvious merchandising.
Posted by PrinceIMC

I think he should have a number of suits specially made for different situations. Though if he can design a new suit he should add some powers into his standard red and blue as well.
Posted by mickoreo_LZ

So many suits. But I guess you gotta keep an old character fresh somehow. 
Finally a video with G-Man and Babs. When are the next garage reviews, unscripted, etc.? It's been so long

Posted by Iron Apollo
Yay, videos, yay! Yay new suit!
Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Hopefully the bad guys don't find out how to beat him in a suit that he changes every 3 months!

Posted by MrMazz

the newest suit looks like a screen from Marvel v Campcom 3

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I say, we have only seen Spider-Man in that suit for one page.  We don't know its full power or its limitations yet.  Perhaps there will turn out to be very good reasons for going back to the Red and blue, or maybe it will be a major part of the story like he is fired from his perfect new job and can't afford the upkeep on the new costume or is nearly fired because he has been using the company's supplies and funds on his own stuff instead of work for them, so he has to go back to the red and blue because he cannot do the upkeep without access to the companies very high tech and very expensive supplies.
There could be many reasons why, I hope it becomes a practical thing like what I mentioned (but not the fired one) or maybe it actually hinders his powers more than helps.  So in the situation against hobgoblin it works but in the long run it wont.

Posted by Eternal Chaos

I would prefer he stick to the black suit.

Posted by xerox_kitty
Posted by rlmay3

These guys know how Spidey feel about getting new suits: 
ALSO @thatlad said:

" @Baddamdog:  I feel the same, if it wasn't for the podcast my life would very babs-less & G-man-less "


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I  think the idea of different suits for different circumstances/enemies just turns him into IRON MAN. Remember when Iron Man had that vault full of stealth armors and space armors and hulkbuster armors? That's what they're doing with Spidey. I think Tony was wrong to say Spidey needs different armors for different baddies> He needs to have tool for the most common traits from all his enemies into one suit. Or at most a couple of suits, one equipped for super villains/ team-ups, and one all purpose.  Oh and Tony, I like to think Spidey is like Einstein, he may wear the same outfit every day, but he's got a closet full of them.
(as for my opinion of the armors from the video) 
The black and white costume looked great, to me, but blending in to the shadows isn't the kinda guy spiderman is. 
The spider armor looks ridiculous, the Iron Spider armor looks ok, but its not Spider-Man, and the Tron Armor looks like crap to me as well. The neon lights don't seem stealthy and why does he have those stupid little stripes on his feet?! Over powering your characters always seems like a cheat. 

I liked some of the aspects of Ben Riley's spiderman costume. The more prominent spider logo and the web shooters on the outside are reasonable and practical changes. I hated the scarlet spider's vest, but the Iron Spider armor (minus the stupid arms, and change the gold to blue or black or white) and that would've been better. 
Oh and that preview costume... not a fan. The mix of the shiny looking head, the school bus yellow color, the groin lines of the bottom legs, and it may just be me, but do the top innermost legs look like he's got a vest on? or a jacket with lapels? 

Posted by fACEmelter88

I don't care as long as they look cool

Posted by KHyde215
@PrinceIMC said:
"I think he should have a number of suits specially made for different situations. Though if he can design a new suit he should add some powers into his standard red and blue as well. "

I get the feeling that might be where it's going, he'll have a different suit for each situation, like the early Iron Man where he had to go back and change for the situation.

Another point is whenever Spidey gets a new costume it leads to new characters, the black suit led to Venom, the Identity crisis led to some new characters not to mention the Iron Spider led to a squad of others using the costume, so I'm wondering whether this might lead to someone new coming along

Posted by Terrents

ah those fries looked to good O.O 
great job guys. much more entertaining then normal
Posted by Band Lone

Maybe the suit was made in microsoft with remaining pieces of X-box 360!!
 It turns red when it gets messed up xD 

Posted by Midnightist

Honestly I'm always a fan of Spider-Man getting new suits those are some of my favs because I don't like the idea of his suit being just cloth with him being so smart, but I know the main reason for his suit normalcy is lack of resources. Every times he's had a super powered suit he either built it in someone else's lab or had it given to him. He's not Tony Stark where he uses his brain and inventions to get him money for some reason. I understand the webbings cuz thats kinda obvious that maybe he's spider-man but he should paton something so that he's atleast able to fund being a hero. But I hate people who complain about the look because I think all heroes should regularly get new uniforms or atleast make them useful. I've alwasy felt he needed atleast a bullet proof suit even if he can dodge them. Also I expect the suit to also be either destroyed or to keep his job he has to turn in the material without the spider look, but the point is no one should be afraid of him ever getting a new look change is good even an iconic look doesn't even mean it has to be the same. Iron Man has a few iconic looks that are all defined as Iron Man Batman in terms of different media has always had different looks and sometimes the basic just gets modified. Flashs are the same as well. No one where the same outfit every day super heroes should get to change every once and a while.

Posted by gordocomics

cant the writers find a way for him to build a suit with any kind of power? we saw how easy it was for him to make this new suit and the abilities it gives him. i just feel like his suits/abilities are limitless if he can build anything so easily. i think he should just stick to his classic suit and be limited to his natural powers.

Posted by blaakmawf

That joke was pretty great.

Posted by howlett76

It seems very much like he's just enjoying the new toys he gets to play with  in his technician job,   dont think it'll last...   He is peter parker after all    not that lucky on the whole...   Before long he'll go back to the classic    

Posted by Pokeysteve

The only Spider-Man I've read is the first few arcs of Ultimate but I don't like him having all of these armored suits. He doesn't need them and it takes something away from the character. Maybe they're relevant I donlt know. Like if Captain America suddenly armored up something would be off. Great video guys.  
And Babs you are just adorable =D 
You too G-Man haha.

Posted by thatlad
@mickoreo_LZ said:
Finally a video with G-Man and Babs. When are the next garage reviews, unscripted, etc.? It's been so long "
Hear hear
Posted by Peredur

Wait, is Tony suggesting that Spiderman is the new Hamburgler?

Posted by Decept-O

Great video, guys, nicely done.  A bit hard to hear G-Man's joke, he kind of mumbled it, like he was embarassed to say it!  It was funny, I loved it.   
Babs is right, though, if they keep changing Spidey's costume that frequently, it will get old real quick and be too gimmicky.  In fact, was at my LCBS today, saw the Spidey comic but passed it up despite the new look.   
That aside, I always loved the Spider-Man 2099 costume, as well as the Ben Reilly black and red costume. ( but not the torn sweatshirt flashdance thing--*ugh* )  The Venom design  is good but I hate the Venom concept.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes
@Baddamdog: I know I have been thinking the same thing 
Posted by JoeyF

I kind of don't mind the idea of suits being introduced to match the theme of the arc (or the character) -- probably not a good thing to happen all the time.  But I definitely dig it being something they can match up to narratively every now and then.

Posted by astrophunq

I think keeping the Black Suit is the best idea. I understand that the Red & Blue is iconic, but the Black Suit is the best. I LOVED the Iron Spider suit and this new enhancement to the Black Suit makes it even better. I don't believe that the invisibility gives him more power, but I do see the fact that it gives him an advantage that he can use in battle. 

Posted by sergyanime

I just think he is going to tech out his normal suit.  
I hope he keeps his new suits. 

Posted by jordama

Sounds like he is becoming Batman
Posted by sergyanime

I just thought that maybe he will just keep adding on to this new suite and it changes color when it changes function. The new suites don't really bother me because all that changes is the neon its not like he is going from black to pink to blue on the main color. 

Posted by sergyanime
@MrMazz: They have it in MVC3
Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

hehehe i tried to touch down on all the suits when i edited the spider-man page a couple of days ago, needless to say i didnt get them all, but i did pretty good if i do say so myslef. 
i love all petes suits equally. 
i think that the iron Spider was symbolic of Tony Stark and the Pro registration wich is why im pretty glad he dumped it and returned to his main suit, wich isnt to say that i didnt like the iron spider. 
a lot of people forget that Pete's suit isnt just iconic but symbolic of all that Peter is and what he stands for. 


they do look similar but the tron version actually is a bit more reminscent of his true suit
Posted by Redrage

Spidey has way to many suits I mean I like the design of the new one but it still can't beat the original Red and Blue.