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Posted by saoakden

The Secret Avengers first mission: Take out The Joker!

Posted by Trevel8182

I'm guessing G-Man spoiled almost all of Death of the Family to try and convince people like me that something meaningful actually happened when it did not.

Posted by ccraft

I wish people would stop saying Batman should kill the Joker, that would just ruin future stories for Joker and Batman. In The Dark Knight Returns Batman didn't have to kill the Joker to make that scene compelling.

And I don't see why some people think that The Bat Family should be okay with Batman lying to them. If you ever had a love one lie to you, it hurts pretty bad, especially if its a parent. It makes more sense if you think about it.

Posted by DougCL

i disagree that nothing meaningful happened in Batman 17, i just think that the implications of that event are going to take a few more issues to become totally apparent.

i liked Secret Avengers, too. seems like a cool espionage book in the making.

Posted by Agent_Prince

Doesn't a spoiler video/podcast negate the need to buy the comics?

Posted by ccraft

@Agent_Prince: Not really.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Great and wonderful spoilers this week! Especially good wrapping up Batman #17 for us, G-Man!

Posted by SlickyMike88

It's the same dance between Joker and Batman , not big of a change there :P

Death of the family was just meh to me , liked Court of Owls arc better .

Posted by dementedtheclown

Would've been better if Joker really did cut off their faces, killed Alfred, and found out who he used to be.

Posted by Drummer007

Those were the two books i pulled last week. Two great books. I thought Secret Avengers was cheesy at first but ended up being really good. Love to see where Secret Avengers is headed.

Batman.... what can i say.... Snyder is the man. He did everything but kill a character off. I don't know why people say nothing happened. Killing someone off is the easy way out. He did a lot more than that.

Posted by Mezmero

I always feel like I'm at a punk rock show whenever I see these amazing T-shirts. Still torn on the Batman issue but I'm just glad that Hawkeye is still alive. Looking forward to seeing more.