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Posted by roboadmiral

Not to be nitpicky, but you mispronounced "zealot," G-Man.

Posted by SavageDragon

I think all All New X-men is great, really good book.

Posted by NICKXH

Wait! Hold up! Is that Beast's new look? It looks terrible! I much prefered when he actually looked like an animal rather than I don't know what.

Posted by Mezmero

Thanks for the spoilers Gman. I fell off of All New X-Men but maybe I should look into picking it up again. I have never known much about Storm Watch. The spoilers about that title has me intrigued, particularly in the Engineer character. I've been grilling Sara lately about women in comics that would be capable of creating artificial intelligence and Engineer never came up in our talks. I've been reading up on her on the wiki and it doesn't seem like she has done anything like that. She seems extremely smart but I don't think I would call injecting herself with nano machines based on someone else's tech as some sort of scientific breakthrough. My quest continues. Keep up the great work.

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Wow, aside from Martian Manhunter and Apollo and Midnighter as a double-act, I have zero interest in any of the Stormwatch characters. This may extend to all the Wildstorm characters, Zealot, Fairchild, Grifter… etc. And I find that I have no real interest in characters associated with the Wildstorm universe. They are possibly the biggest failure of the DCnU.

Thanks for the spoiler, now that I assume they're bringing in OMAC, I can make sure to stay even further away from the title

Posted by grifter78

Thanks for the Wildstorm love by reviewing Stormwatch Tony! :D

Posted by JamDamage

@roboadmiral: he does that a lot. Ever here him say Atrocitus???

Posted by FatFriar_16

@roboadmiral: Haha... I didn't know the character so I assumed it must have been a pun like "Z-Lot." But, I'm glad someone else noticed the mispronunciation too.

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Damn. It actually sounds like some pretty interesting stuff's going on in Stormwatch. I've read only a few issues of that title, but maybe I should check it out more. Since when did Engineer go crazy??

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I really like the intro to this for some reason :) Good stuff about these two since these are two titles I'm not actually reading. Thanks G-Man!

Posted by JamDamage

Stormwatch has been one of the more solid books that DC puts out every month. DC hasn't incorporated them into the DCU enough tho. They don't interact with the rest of the DCU tho. That's bad. How are people supposed to get an idea of who some of these characters are if they don't show up in other books, and no characters show up in theirs. They really haven't marketed the book well at all, and now that Martian Manhunter is out of the title..................................................................just bad handleing on the title if you ask me. What a shame. Now it's getting a revamp revamp and they're changing they're outfits back to what they used to be in Wildstorm. To bad. The new ones are cool.