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Here's the time for each spoilers:

JUSTICE LEAGUE: 0:41 - 2:25

FF: 2:25 - 4:13


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Definitely read your comics before someone spoils 'em for you. Best advice EVER, G-Man.

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Love this feature thanks Tony.

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Man, I need to get the new Justice League, it sounds amazing!

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Loving the focus on the new character Darla in FF, they've actually managed to turn me around on the whole Miss Thing... thing - I can't wait for some real adventure next month!

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Wasn't sold on the art at first but it has quickly grown on me.

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Thanks for the video dummy. FF is awesome so I watched for the Justice League, and Green Lantern Corps spoilers. I find it hard to swallow that Oceanmaster got the jump on Batman the way he did. I might be reading GLC if John Stewart got more or as much spotlight as Gardner and the third army still sucks.

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Hey Tony, can you do Punisher Warzone #4 next week?

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Loving the spoiler vid since I can't afford to pick up some of these titles, it's nice to get a peak at what's going. O_O So FF is definitely on my list XD That title just seems fun lol 

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I want a shirt with R2-D2 piloting a Dalek......

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@Onemoreposter said:

I want a shirt with R2-D2 piloting a Dalek......

"Robots in disguise"!!

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Your shirt is awesome G-man (:

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That is the most hilariously inappropriate image of 2013!

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I love these spoilers.

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Tease for next video...