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I can't watch this :-(

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Yay new feature! That intro is awesome! This is cool since now i get to know what's going on in Superman. Love your voices by the way.

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I'm on my way to coffee time! I mean, spoilers also new bumper!

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@G-Man: Chrome!

Thank you for the link,didn't know CV had a Youtube account!You just won a subscriber :-P

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love the shirt Tony where might i get my hands on one??? also love the ideas for spoilers not that use em but its nice to see what other people think of whats happening in my favorite books

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I love spoilers! Thanks!

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Great new video segment guys!

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A great new segment, keep them coming!

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Another new video feature? I'm down with that. Any plans of bringing back Unscripted or Comic Catch Up or even 3 Min Expert?

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I like that you gave a catch up for Invincible especially since #100 is coming out next week

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@G-Man: Just a suggestion, for spoiler videos it'd be cool if they were discussions not just a video spoiler.

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Very cool video, Can't wait for next week.

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Nice video!

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@TheCrowbar said:

@G-Man: Just a suggestion, for spoiler videos it'd be cool if they were discussions not just a video spoiler.

Yeah, I'd rather watch a little round table type thing or listen to a weekly spoilercast with talk of repercussions and why these moments are so awesome.

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Great spoilers! I love this feature! As science has shown, spoilers don't lessen enjoyment of reading a story. Most of the time, I like to see spoilers in some of the books I'm not reading, as a way to find out if I should read them. Maybe you could spoil Justice League Dark, or Venom, or some of the Ultimate Comics titles.

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Love it! Nice video with simple explanations of what happened.

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that was great . more more of this

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AWESOME feature tony!

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I love when you guys talk Spoilers. It allows you to really discuss the issue without having to tip tow around major events. I love hearing your opinions important thing in the issues. Keep it up!

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Wow...just the fact that Barry's dreams seemed to have split three ways is indicative of the symbolism that created the New 52 reality...now if we'll just see when he starts to remember the pre-Flashpoint reality...::sinister laugh::

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I love this, please continue

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this new video series is great!

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What's the video's image from? (the image shown before you click on play) I was going to watch it to find out but I'm watching AmazingAtheist in another window. -_-

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Is it just me or did someone switch the vid out for a different one??

Well I'm definitely not imagining it but dang I can't believe this happened. The vid is by the same person and he's discussing the exact same issues, only the vid is totally different. It's pretty surreal, it's like I slipped into an alternate dimension sometime in the past couple of hours.

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@ZEELLO: Do you have the "auto" button selected by "playing next"? That will make the next video start up. The image for this video was from ALL-NEW X-MEN #5.

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Hey Tony, could you put some kind of time markers for when you start to discuss each issue? I'm trade waiting things like Daredevil but would love to hear about Flash and Superman for instance.

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@G-Man said:

@ZEELLO: Do you have the "auto" button selected by "playing next"? That will make the next video start up. The image for this video was from ALL-NEW X-MEN #5.

if I remember correctly in the previous version of the vid you awarded the superman issue for "best talk of superhero butts". Also in the more recent version you voice acted the dialogue from the comics whereas you didn't do that in the previous version, you simply flipped through the pages and awarded it "best use of splash pages" but also saying you still get your money's worth due to there being plenty of dialogue.

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Great new feature. Yay Invincible!

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I love this feature. There are way to many great comics out there than I can afford. I come to this site to try and keep up with what's going on, and what is worth collecting in trades once my finances improve. so this is fantastic.

Also, you make me thankful for two things. That you don't voice Kitty Pryde or Lex Luthor in any other production. Great Grodd and Punisher voices, though.

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this was great! I especially liked the character voices, yeah, all of them. Adds a lot of flavour.