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@g_man: ADHD Lesson 101: Never watch videos as thoughts are in your head for your next review. I had mid stop writing reviews just to watch this video. But since I couldn't keep focus I had to watch it over and over again. lol, Anyways, what's Gwen Stacy doing in there? And it looks like there's no hope for her because she dies as well in the DC universe. lol Man, this story was so beyond ridiculous to the point where the bogus name for an invention (Miniature Transistorized Time-Machine Trophy) was ridiculous. lol, it didn't even make much sense to me. By the way, Tony was that an actual dog bark you used for the video? I really loved this video.

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I think everyone's missing the point here. These kind of stories are fun because they are supposed to be that ridiculous! Personally, I loved it.

I still can't get over your Jimmy Olsen voice G-man. :D Not to mention all those other funny voices. Love these classic spoilers. Hope you'll do some Marvel & other titles like Brave & The Bold soon as well.

Keep it up! :)

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These Silver Age DC books are such a hoot. Thanks, G-man!

Secret serum kisses - racy stuff.

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@wundagoreborn: shocking that her dad went along with it so quickly and easily. Everyone thought Jimmy killed the leader dude. They witnessed it.

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Love the dialog from old comics like this one. Cheesy at time but yet you feel like you are stepping back in time and it keeps your attention. Thanks for the video

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Hehe gotta love Jimmy's old adventures in that book. Love this, G-Man!

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@g_man Was wondering how you decide which comic to pick for this segment. Do people send in recommendations or do just pick them from a collection you have?

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These classic issues still manage to crack me up. I love it when Jimmy sounds like Screech. I think I like the Lois Lane issues a bit more just based on better consistency in its overall ridiculousness. Thanks for this continuing feature.

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These Silver Age DC books are such a hoot. Thanks, G-man!

Secret serum kisses - racy stuff.

I think that's the point. And by the date, I probably have this one lying around somewhere, in less than pristine condition, of course.