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Posted by Trevel8182

People really need to be careful around runaway explosive trucks and babies.

Posted by Trevel8182

Oh man that was really funny thanks Tony!

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Is that a shotgun before the 1st page? Makes it a shotgun wedding?

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Your narration is hilarious, you should sell audio tapes of your favorite modern or silver age story arcs/issues.

Posted by HillbillyMorangie

Wow comics used to be so sexist, but I guess it was the 70s... A good video

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Haha love the voices, Tony! Gosh how funny the Silver Age was...maybe it should be renamed the Cheese Age!

Posted by BizzyBComics1127

Thanks GMan I was depressed before I watched this.

needed some laughs

Posted by Gripper

Did anyone notice that at 7:50 Superman's boots were Yellow?

Posted by AmazingFantasy15

Was Lex Luthor at the wedding in the first page?

Posted by The_Crimson_Horror

Gotta love the silver age. Its interesting that even for his own wedding, Superman refuses to change into something thats not the Superman costume.

Posted by SylentEcho

Haha funny video. Thanks for reviewing this one. With all the reviews out about all the latest comics, it sure is nice to see these old ones again.

Posted by CitizenJP

lol wow. comics sure have come a long way, huh? Thank gawd. :)

Posted by SylentEcho

That part where he's hitting the guy with the dead Lois is legendary. I'm gonna track down this comic and buy it JUST for that. Haha.

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I am more disturbed by how upset Batman looks -- o-o

-- and why the heck they aren't dressed appropriately for a wedding? Like, come on now. Not even a bow-tie, Superman? Really?? And the rest of your chump friends? No one wanted to put on a cumber band of some sort? And why do they get to sit on the front row? So many faux-pas in this comic...

Oh, but honestly -- easy there with the swinging around of the comic. It was good to see you had that whole "lay-the-spine-gently-across-your-palm" going on but I was getting a little nervous there for a bit. It's a Lois Lane book, for crying out loud!

Posted by Justthatkid

Exactly why I prefer Diana over Lois. "do you think I want to marry a ordinary guy like Clark Kent." nice voicing by the way.

Posted by Mezmero

Lois: Yes father, I shall become a bot.

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Posted by Wilbertus

This is really funny! I love how you pointed out Aquaman's unorthodox positions and the overall weirdness.

Superman's whole plan is completely unlogical and, quite frankly, really creepy. And to top it all of, after going through all that sh*t, Lois still wants to marry him so it was all for nothing!