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I wish you would of done this one.

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@trevel8182: I'll have to track that issue down. I have some reprints but I prefer to have the actual comic for the videos.

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Sounds terribly like 2008's "The Eye" starring Jessica Alba, but then again that was a Pang brothers movie from 2002 that had the exact same name too. Then again, maybe the inspiration for these movies came from this issue? What do you think @g_man?

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I have actually read this story recently. Nice video.

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I wish you would of done this one.

I did a spoiler free review of that classic issue HERE.

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Lmfao geez comics were random back then O_O Great vid, the plot had me cracking up.

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My fav is still Superman and Big Barda making a dirty movie! Lol

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lol I didn`t know that Grant Morrison wrote comics in the 60`s.

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I love this feature. I need to track down some of the old Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen issues, they're pretty cheap as far as Silver Age comics go.

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Wow that was a wacky story! lol Man Tony, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen's was atrociously funny! lol Awesome Chewbacca shirt too by the way.@g_man

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great Jimmy Olsen impression.

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Great video! I really like how Tony makes Jimmy sound like Screech from Saved By The Bell. I always love seeing how goofy older comics got and I hope to see more videos like this. Bring back Lois Lane comics for New 52. We could lose one of the 20 Bat books.

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I wish you would of done this one.

I'm sure you mean, "would have".

Nice work reviewing the DCs of this era. Almost everyone already knows about the Marvel ones. I think you should alternate between them.