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Sorry, G-Man. I don't believe any of these spoilers.

After all, you make stuff up.

... ba dum tss.

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@holuntron: Not gonna lie, I had that shirt when I was teaching High School Math. Wore it sometimes under a buttoned down shirt on a casual Friday type thing.

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@g_man: hahaha under the shirt? So it was like you were trying to hide the truth in plain sight. You were basically Superman himself! But, you know, of math teachers who made stuff up.

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: Awesome video, it reminds me of the episode of Jonah Hex meeting the Justice League in Justice League Unlimited cartoon! That episode was awesome and since Jonah Hex is now back in present-time I wonder if they will do a New 52 version of this story. Also, I also notice a peek of your tattoo on your forearm. What is it? It looks strange.

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Not spoilers to me so much. I forget things so easily that I'm just as entertained reading something even if spoilers are fed to me. I wanna read this now!

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This video was great ahahaha. I prefer this to a video about spoilers in current issues.

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love these stories.

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@g_man Your shirt collection is truly impressive.

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It's like sitting back letting my gran read me a story (even though I am older than you are. Ha). Love it.
"Read us another Grandpa T. Read us another!"

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@ptsteelers: :D

I'll definitely do more if the video views warrant it. I have a bunch of "classic" comics. And by "classic" I mean wacky.

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They also consider their sun a god... by Rao. You don't go around changing the properties of your physical god.

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@g_man: oh man I remember when Batman, Gl and Wonder Woman went to the past and met Jonah Hex and others in the Justice League Unlimuted cartoon! it was awesome!!

I'm also loving the Jonah hex coming to the future in All star western!

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Was a fun post

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Posted by jinxuandi

Thanks for this Tony. Even though I read this about a month ago (I am reading the complete run of Justice League, hope to be ready by the movie in a couple years), I caught a few more things when you were running through it.

Has the Time Lord done anything memorable recently? He seemed like such a lame villain in premise but guys like Gerry Conway and Gardner Fox told some good stories with him.

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@jinxuandi: I really don't recall any memorable stories. But that doesn't mean there weren't any. Such a goofball.

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Posted by alanfrancis

These segments are fun, definitely continue these. I have this issue and I'm going to read it now.

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do uncanny x-men #159 for halloween