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Hahaha this was hilarious!

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I thought they were married...

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They were...until the editorial decision was made to wipe it from existence in the Brand New Day storyline.   As it stands now, the marriage never happened.

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what are they doing in the giant bomb studio?

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oh mj...

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i want them together! DAMN IT! I dont relate and i was 11 when JMS started get them together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tell the ass next to you to get the f&%%ck ouy out of the shot!
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I think that they should be married. (if peter dosn't go with another girl) lol
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I still think One More Day was one of the worst decisions in all of Spider-Man history because of the way it so greatly seems to misinterpret the character and morality of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man.  I know he really wants to save his aunt, but to our understanding, by this time in his life she must be approaching her late eighties and so death by natural causes really must not be that far off.  Not to belittle the horror of Aunt May's way of dying, I just thought the comic did a really good job setting up Parker for taking a mature look at the terrible and unchangeable parts of life and accepting that he couldn't control everything, including this death, but then it swept the rug from under us and had Peter make a horribly immature decision and gave up everything for another moment with his aunt, who was always like a mother to him.  This too seemed to be a infantile look at the issue since Peter is so clearly choosing his mom over his wife---it's almost echoes tones of Oedipus Rex, and that makes me overwhelmingly uncomfortable.  So, to answer the original question, I think the marriage was always really important for Spider-Man's character because it both made him more human, and it made him more honorable since he tried so hard to accomplish the impossible and made so many personal sacrifices just to protect the people of New York.  Mary Jane is the one thing that seems to go right for Peter, and their marriage is tantamount to his strength as a person and a crime-fighter. Take her out of the picture and he's much more like his "mentor," Tony Stark--a classic narcissist bent on popularity and the charge out of fighting.  I don't know about you, but that's not the Peter Parker I knew growing up.