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Posted by Namor1987

Video was hot I already listened to it right when Marvel posted it loving DD's new costume

Posted by TheGreatEqualizerMrNoFear

DD's new costume is awesome. I still like the iconic Red(even the old yellow one) but this one rocks. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they dont kill Matt off in this. He is such a great character. If they do I will be 100% done with marvel.
Posted by NXH

This event is gonna be awesome. Even Im not a DD fan and Im excited lol 
Crap song tho. But hey! :/

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It's very good. Who's singing?
Posted by Benzo

this has got me more excited for shadowland now! :D

Posted by G-Man
@ComicMan24: Credits say it's by Guy Erez & David Ari Leon.
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Posted by danhimself

I think I'll be the first to say that I hated the song....the issue was awesome though

Posted by ComicMan24
I didn't notice them. Thanks.
Posted by DH69

not a DD fan but im definetly reading shadowland

Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

THis looks absolutely AMAZING!!!

Posted by cosmic master

Ha ha that was awesome. I can't wait for shadowland  

Posted by Mr. Kamikaze

I am actually really excited for this. I just hope I don't have to start reading Daredevil to get in to it.

Posted by Silkcuts

I don't read much Marvel, but I've read everything DC wise Andy Diggle has written, this maybe the series that gets me to read more Marvel. 

Posted by Lustwish

Well done! But will Daredevil, even if he does come out on top, be able to do it by himself?  Seems like hes got a lot of help there.  I'm gonna stick with my webs on this one and go Spider-man.  In actuality, that to my knowledge is not a new DD costume either, seen that one before, a looooooooooong time ago.  

Posted by shawn87

WOW!! this looks epic....im so curious to see who this villain is gonna be

Posted by ninjadude853

that was badass,
before i wasn't even interested in shadowland, now i might get it (ill at least get the tpb)

Posted by ironshadow


Posted by Lustwish

I could be wrong. 

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Shadowland 1 was SICKK!!!! but thats coming from a DD fan been reading it 2 years

Posted by Joe Venom

o.0 *Goose bumps*

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool
Your thinking of his armored costume it was dark grey.
Posted by The Impersonator

Daredevil gone bad? No way.
Posted by Theodore

can't wait to read it

Posted by Shadowdoggy

Birth of Marvel's greatest villain? really? 
I hadn't heard that part yet 
very interesting 
and who's the chick int he white tiger costume???
Posted by cbishop

Y'know, DD as a villain would make sense, now that his "radar sense" has been retconned as "ninja training."  Ninjas ain't goodguys, folks, and the trained-by-badguys-but-become-a-goodguy thing is a tad played.  It used to be a thing of "rising above the circumstances that made him," for some of those characters, but nowadays, it just doesn't make much sense.  If he's trained by badguys, it's much more likely he will *be* a badguy.  Shadowland looks like it's going to be a kick-tail story.  My one question is: if they actually make DD a badguy in this story, will it stick - could this be the one character that bucks the trend, and doesn't return to his status quo?
Posted by MichaeltheFly

Are the images in this video only from Shadowland 001 or are they from all the Shadowland related comics?

Posted by War Killer


Posted by Kell1775
@Shadowdoggy said:
"Birth of Marvel's greatest villain? really? I hadn't heard that part yet very interesting and who's the chick int he white tiger costume??? "

White Tiger
Posted by Gambit1024

Pretty kick-ass! I love DD's new look. I have a bad feeling he'll die though =(
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Blime, that was really good. Now im even more gutted i cant follow this ;(

Posted by Shadowdoggy
oh well.....of course 
I should have probably figured that out on my own 
thank you
Posted by nutzac4888

I thought that was pretty bad-ass and really got me amped for Shadowland.  I was kind of on the fence about the whole idea, but the more I read about it and the more kind of promotional stuff I see...the less I can wait!!!!

Posted by brendon277

This looks pretty kick ass i gotta get the comics

Posted by tonis

wow that was killer, and Moon Knight looks incredible in his appearances. 
This is gonna be a must have.

Posted by Chaos Burn

has anyone assumed the plot of Shadowland yet?

Posted by CaptainCockblock

finally, we get to see all these underrated characters in the foreground. 'bout time we got Daredevil and Moon Knight in a story this badass. gotta check this out.

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I love the idea of comics and music I can make much association with superhero comics and rock music allot of times it's funny that lyrics use the term back down as that was the theme song for the movie from a few years ago.  I always thought the song was pretty badass.

Posted by ComicCrazy

That was pretty awesome. Looking forward to this series.
Posted by ARMIV

That was pretty cool!
Posted by Treason

im more worried bout the great and mighty Bullseye dying.
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Birth of Marvel's Greatest Villain?
Man, why did I have to watch this.  Now I want this comic.

Posted by slvrwolfang

loving DD's new costume

Posted by PuckPuck

Not a fan of, DD, but will definitely check this out. :)

Posted by CaptainCockblock

Sometimes, a bad song can be epic in the right context. This is a good example. Can't freakin' wait. And that part with Spiderman getting shot, this seems like heaven to me!

Posted by Vance Astro

It's a good thing I read issue #1 before watching this because it completely gives away the most important part and the ending.

Posted by Quntumking

I know that this is DareDevil's story but i love the way MoonKnight look's at 1:23,he is so menacing. I'm an off an on DD fan so i will at least give the first issue a try.

Posted by GraphicCasualFreak

Really good video, loved it.

Posted by sora_thekey


Posted by Sir Duke
@Vance Astro: I'd agree with you except for the fact that the last page of issue one was directly lifted and released as a promo over a month before issue 1 came out.  
Posted by G Bird

I've never been into DD before but I picked up the first issue of Shadowland and I can tell this is gonna be amazing!

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