Posted by PrioritySeven

Good stuff!

Posted by Daveyo520

I am SHOCKED Tony!

Posted by Deranged Midget

Quite informative.

Posted by Marconi88

Great video Tony. I truly enjoy these videos.

Posted by RockyRaccoon37

Really enjoying the silly videos Tony!

And how in the hell did you notice this??

Posted by Destinyhero20

LOL! Now I want to see Superman Smash Batman's desk

Posted by chikin_n_rofls

There should be whole videos devoted to Tony playing with toys.

Posted by halfpastwhenever

Argh Desks! Funny stuff Tony.

Posted by GamerGeek360

I love how the stuff in your garage behind you seems to slowly move spots or go away every week with these videos.

Posted by Jolt92

Such an informative look at one of the darker sides of Superman, thank you, Tony!

Seriously though, this was f'in hilarious.

Posted by radar5

Your beard is looking much better Tony. You look far less like a homeless person.

Posted by thanosrules

"He wants to smash... that f'ing desk."

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Super-man's hobby as a chid involves a large smoking object and a desk. This hatred of desks seems to go way into Superman's past.

Posted by flashlantern91

Good stuff, Tony. Keep up the hilarious work! :)

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I'm curious if this is an intentional running gag or just a lazy way of proving super strength back then. Still, its pretty hilarious

Posted by kartron

Ha ha ha!!!!!!!!! Hilarious .. and oh btw I do like your desk Tony! Surrounded by comics... but superman would probably not smash it coz the new 52 hardcover on there will confuse him and make him loose track of time and habits - as in new 52 he no longer does that.. Lol I guess now I'm getting a bit silly ... anyways good fun watching this!:)