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Yay! The video is back! So many wonderful and inventive costumes on display there. I really like Lady Aquaman, Raven, Adam Strange, Ravager and Scarecrow.

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Scarecrow is really good. Also had a good laugh at Rough Rider Teddy

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Awesome that somebody went as Major Bludd. Would love to know how Raven did her eyes also.

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Ran into Gman at the con on the day i was not wearing my costume. But he hooked it up with buttons and the Harley Quinn invades comic con book... so it all worked out.

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What was the giant round SHIELD thing? Was someone rolling around in it like a tire?

Posted by mikebrowneyes

I thought the scarecrow and jinx costumes were awesome.

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That guy who dressed as Lobo straight up looks like a pedophile.

I liked the Daft Punk outfit. That was awesome. Sandman/Death was cool too.

Female Dr. Manhattan= slight arousal

Hey look! That DB from ScreenJunkies is there!

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i loves it so much

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I fell for the rail slider! lol. That's great someone went as Pennywise from It. I just bought a Funko of him. :)

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The Raven with the glowing eyes, very nice. The Scarecrow was really good. A lot of characters I didn't recognize BUT I enjoyed the work put into them all. Thanks for posting.