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Posted by timelord

Red Lanterns and Swamp Thing are my two favorite books right now Charles Soule is such a great writer he writes everyone so dam well. I will miss Supergirl being a Red Lantern ahh well at least she is on JLU.

Posted by longbowhunter

I read quite a few Charles Soule books and Swamp Thing is still my favorite. The Machine Queen sounds really out there. Should be a lot of fun.

Posted by judasnixon

How does one go about getting Charles Soule as their lawyer?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Soule does a good interview

Posted by Superbat420

Thank you Charles soule, for taking my favorite lantern corp and making it my favorite book. You're a genius

Posted by Wilbertus

I've been loving the Red Lanterns lately and the whole Doomed story is the first Superman arc in a while that I have enjoyed. Thank you so much Charles Soule. Will check out Swamp Thing soon!