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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

The voice of Rikku

Posted by Outside_85

The voice of... pretty much everyone.

Posted by Manwhohaseverything

Female Mel Blanc.

Posted by Ms. Omega

Tara is so awesome :)

Posted by Trevel8182

Love her!

Posted by venomoushatred1001

Tara is so sexy *drool*

Posted by iaconpoint

She makes Harley sound so cute.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Her Starfire and Harley are great, but to date, she will always be best as Juliet Starling for me ^_^

Posted by MrShway88

Tony! You should asked her to do some of her voices. I would of loved to hear and see her face do Bubbles or Timmy Turner or anyone.

Posted by G-Man

@mrshway88: You don't really ask them to do the voices. Often they'll do them on their own. It's just proper etiquette.

Posted by Outside_85
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

@redheadedatrocitus: Ehh, when did she voice Starfire?

Oops my bad. I confuse her with Hyndon Walch sometimes. Though technically in a way I could be right since she also voiced Firestar in Wolverine and the X-Men.

Posted by AWeekInGeekdom

I Always hear Tara when I think of Babs :) Great interview!