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All those statues are amazing. But I am poor so this video and YouTube reviews are as close as I'll ever get to owning one.

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Oh man Dat Hellboy

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Yeah, I actually started crying, also because I won't have the chance to fo to Comic Con for at least four years or so!!! :'(

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The detail on Sideshow Collectibles is amazing but I'd have a hard time justifying the cost to own one. Thanks for posting the video Tony, it's great to see the close-ups of these figures.

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Great vid, man! Those collectibles are VERY nice, but alas, very expensive! Too rich for my blood! :)

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Dang! ;_; so many epic things! If i had to choose, I'd go with the JSC spidey statues.

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So much awesome in that video! So, can you unzip Catwoman's costume down to her navel?

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The Red Sonja model is amazing. Harley is pretty awesome too ... and I wanted to see more APOCALYPSE!!

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Wow wish I was there. I love Sideshow's display. Always so many cool things I'll never be able to afford.

That Catwoman looks awesome. It's going to end up being like 400 dollars though. Too much for my blood.

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This was all cool and all but the thing I want the most is the J. Scott Campbell Spider-man statue. Bada**!

And that was Trevor not the "Mandarin" .

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Why do they keep giving Harley red lips, did the same thing in Injustice. They are BLACK.

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Damn that Ivy was HOT. And that Doctor Doom? Amazing.

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I want that Doctor Doom just to take his mask off ! I'll be the only man alive who did it

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Darn, marvel seems to have better figures than dc this year, though that harley quinn was positively evil. Wish you got a better camera shot at her eyes...

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Can you buy the Terminator hand on it's own. I just want that.

and that video made me really depressed because I can't afford any of those.

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I have the Batman Premium Format Figure, Punisher Premium Format Figure and Man of Steel Premium Format Figure all pre ordered! All are between 340 and 390€s, and yeah that makes my head hurt a bit, but I NEEEEEEEEEEED THEM! I am already saving up for them and I hope they will turn out great. Still... I could buy a halfway decend used car for that money.

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So much money for a statue

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